MODERN FAMILY “See You Next Fall” Review


MODERN FAMILY “See You Next Fall” Season 2 Episode 23 – As valedictorian at her middle school graduation, Alex is the cerebellum of the ball Phil and Claire almost miss while Jay’s drifting Botox turns him into half a basset hound in the “See You Next Fall” episode of MODERN FAMILY.

Oh, Alex. “Don’t stop believin’. Let’s get this party started.” I can’t blame her for the “Seriously?” after those overplayed lyrics get her speech so much applause, but some of that “stuff” she says works just fine. I love Alex/Haley scenes, especially when they let down their guard just a smidge, and there are two especially good ones here. Being a teenager is hard all around because, yeah, everyone has stuff and no one really wants to be a social piranha. I’m very curious to see how Haley’s stuff and Alex’s newfound acceptance play out next season. Can Haley get it together? Will Alex lose some of herself if she becomes popular? How much more will Phil and Claire freak out? Hysterical hug at the end. “I’m not hungry anymore.” Hee!

Scenes with so much of the family are such a treat. They’re all so goofy together that they could recite multiplication tables and it would be hysterical. Sure, the gate not opening is a little forced (no one could go inside and manually open it?), but I love Phil and Claire on the silly bike after he boosts/catapults her over the gate, and Luke harnessing the power of his mind makes me giggle. There are some great tiny moments, too, like Phil raising his hand to yell “Obama” and Claire’s “What’s the plan, Phil?”

“Every damn time.” Jay, Gloria, and Manny chaos is always a good thing. Their three-way phone conversation when Jay can’t open the gate is a classic. His getting Botox tickles me and with all the references we’ve had over the last two seasons to his age bothering him (not just in relation to Gloria), it makes sense. The make-up artist does an incredible job, too-the left side of his face does look like a candle, and God bless Manny and his Phantom mask. My favorite thing, though, is that even as it looks like Jay might actually have had a stroke, Gloria is fixated on the bread he didn’t get. Ah, marriage. Love Cam’s reaction, too: “What were you thinking? You’re a veteran.” Hee. My favorite scene of the show, though, is Jay showing off his special balance bracelet and Phil opening the door, knocking him on his behind. It’s just so well done.

“Really, Mitchell? I could have just died.” As someone who falls down, bumps into things, or otherwise clumsily embarrasses herself on a regular basis, I feel for Cam’s humiliation, but of course Mitchell laughs. Cam falling in stone-faced Lily’s duckie pool is funny. Cam smashing into the screen door is hilarious, and I say that as someone who has done that more than once. We do have a rule in my house that you have to choke back the laughter until you’re sure there’s no gushing blood, so Mitchell might want to work on that. Meanwhile, Cam might want to work on taking himself less seriously and the writers might want to work on Cam-Mitchell storylines where they aren’t fighting. Eric Stonestreet is terrific at physical comedy, though, and the visual of the “cruel” Pritchetts dissolved in laughter while Phil and Gloria stand to the side and Manny gapes through the door is priceless. Plus, of course lessons are learned at Alex’s graduation.

Doesn’t “See You Next Fall” feel like a finale with the graduation and family togetherness? It actually was the last Modern Family shot this year, but as well as it would have worked as a funny, touching season ender, we do get one more episode next week. Works for me.

Favorite lines:

“He was until he missed a few weeks and the robot he was building attacked him.”

“They will mock you with a hurtful rhythmic taunt.”

“I was there in the delivery room. If I wasn’t gay before–”

“I’m there for you-until tomorrow at 2pm when my flight leaves for Vegas.

“It’s a graduation-a celebration of being done with thinking.”

“Mahatma Gandhi went on a hunger strike for what he believed in.” “That’s because no one would eat with him in the cafeteria.”

“He’ll be here all week. Literally because you’re not coming home with me.”

“Suddenly it’s all very clear.” “Be careful, you might run into it.”

Which of your favorite parts of “See you Next Fall” did I miss? Did anything not work for you? Let me know in the comments.