Hulu and Owners Hash Out Content Agreement


All Things Digital reports that Hulu and its owners News Corp., Disney and NBC Universal are negotiating a deal that will extend existing content licenses, thereby keeping programs from NBC, Fox and ABC on the online video service site.

Existing Hulu content agreements are valid for several more years, so the current deal would extend the term further for another number of years, along with putting in place a separate Hulu Plus content agreement.

Sources tell All Things Digital that “the joint venture’s basic structure will remain the same: will continue to be an ad-supported site, while the Hulu Plus subscription service will offer more programming and the ability to watch it on devices like Apple’s iPad.” Discussions will be focused on minor program changes (what shows will continue to be available); time delay issues (when Hulu can air a show after it airs live); the fee schedule for the content Hulu will stream; and possibly non-exclusive rights, allowing the network owners to distribute to sites other than Hulu.

It sounds like Hulu is still in the game. What do you think of its prospects?