HAPPY ENDINGS “Bo Fight/Barefoot Pedaler” Review

Happy Endings (CBS) Bo Fight/Barefoot Pedaler

HAPPY ENDINGS “Bo Fight/Barefoot Pedaler” Episode 10 & 11 – Yay! I get to review a comedy without either knowing for sure it’s been cancelled or wondering if there’s any chance it may get saved from the axe. Why? Because Happy Endings has been renewed! Woohoo!

Okay, I just had to get that out. I know return you to your regularly scheduled review…

Oh and yes, you aren’t crazy, these episodes were shown out of order and no, I have no clue why.

Okay so NOW I return you to your regularly scheduled review…

First up in our usual Happy Ending 2fer we have “Bo Fight.” Alex and Dave are still dealing with their break-up in their own ways. Alex is doing it by dragging Penny to wacky Girl’s Night activities and Dave takes Max along to go beat up the guy who ruined his wedding day. Meanwhile Jane is worried that she and Brad might end up like the unlucky couple and forces him out for a night of marital bonding when all he really wants to do is sit in his weekend sweats.

My favorite bits……

Max and Brad fighting over which was worse, being black or being gay.

Finding out that Brad got passed up by a cab for a guy in a “Who Farted?” t-shirt. Wait. Booger was hailing a cab on the same block as Brad?

Alex referring to herself in the third person. Moki really likes it when Alex does that.

“I heard it in a book I heard.”

Brad dropping his drawers as soon as he walked in the door.

Jane saying she had trouble once with a typo while searching for “black crocs”. Oh, the possibilities…

“Chicks love a chubby guy sleeping on the floor. It reminds them of Prom.”

Not being at all surprised that Alex’s choice of cooking class was anything but normal.

Max and Dave getting all pumped to go after Roller Blade Guy….until they realized they had no idea who he was or where he lived. Solid plan, boys.

Alex bonding with Penny’s guy over their shared break-ups. Wow, Alex really IS the worst wingman ever.

Roller Blade Guy apologizing. Oops, guess the boys didn’t see that coming.

Max going Segal on Roller Blad Guy and it turning into an all brawl…..well, sorta.

Everyone gathering to watch the Bachelor together.

Brad declaring victory in the black vs. gay battle.

Next up is “Barefoot Pedaler” where the gang decides that they’re all tired of getting caught in the middle of the Dave vs. Alex battles. So when the crew’s favorite band comes into town, they try to trick the two into sitting it out. They get in anyway and soon Alex comes to realize how much what she did hurt Dave so she tries to save his honor by announcing it to the whole world. She only succeeds in getting herself and Dave tazed. Max gets tazed too, after defending Penny’s honor with the skeevy band guy who claims he doesn’t remember their long ago tryst, but is actually still in love with her.

My favorite bits…..

“You know what I’d rather listen to? Myself being shot in the face.”

Max promising to attend the concert ironically. You know what? I think I may have attended a few things ironically myself.

“Dave, you’re scaring us. We haven’t seen you today.”
“Really? You’re gonna try and Groundhog Day me?”
“Dave, you’re scaring us. We haven’t seen you today.”

They rented The Road twice? Oh ouch. That’s cruel and unusual punishment.

Brad threatening to cut Jane off from watching anymore Tru Blood.

LOL! Dave said ‘totes’. I totes love it when people say totes.

Everyone’s reaction when Penny asked if she still looked twenty. Ummm….

Thinking that Penny’s attempt to get past the bouncer probably would have worked a little better had she not kept calling Steven Tyler by his full name on her fake phone call.

Kinda enjoying what some Spanish DJ with Dave and Alex’s wedding video.

That coat the guy tried to pass off as Dave’s.

Brad screaming “Damn, son!” when the bouncer tazered Alex.

Finding out that Max reads Japanese Tiger Beat.

“I know this is embarrassing, but did you pee yourself?”
“I thought I was the only one.”
“You were, I was just asking.”

Not being able to help the laugh that escaped me when Max let out that squeal as he got tazed.

Tommy running after the cab.

Max and Penny singing together. So cute.

What did you think of these episodes of Happy Endings? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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