BREAKING IN “21.0 Jump Street” (Season Finale) Review

BREAKING IN (FOX) 21.0 Jump Street

BREAKING IN “21.0 Jump Street” Episode 7 (Season Finale) – Earlier this week I reviewed another TV show that had already been cancelled and felt a little sad. I’m doing my best not to even go there when I think about Breaking In, because I love it too much and truly think my life will end if it doesn’t come back.

Okay, maybe I’m stretching that a bit, but I will be really, really upset.

In tonight’s episode the team gets a case that sends them all back to high school to help a dweeb who is the victim of cyber-bullying. It gives everyone a chance to briefly re-write their own high school history – Dutch tries not to be a bully, Mel gets to be a popular cheerleader, Cam overcomes his nerd status, Cash doesn’t show up in a Transformers costume, and Josh doesn’t wear eyeliner. Overall it was a bang-up job by everyone.

Cam even runs into an old high school classmate who still has a crush on him and gets asked out to Prom. In the end he feels better about the whole Mel business and ready to move on. That was Oz’s plan all along of course (nothing happens by chance with that man around), but seeing the looks that Mel was giving Cam and his new squeeze on the dance floor, I’m not so sure she felt as happy for him.

So here’s hoping we get more Breaking In. At this point I’d be willing to watch it as a web series, anything, just so long as I get to see Oz and the gang again.

My favorite bits..

Dutch freaking out like a complete fanboy at the sight of Mike Tyson.

Tyson holding off from hitting Dutch because he needed every brain cell. Har.

Finding out that a human centipede was part of Oz’s evil plans to keep his team in line.

Cash making Cam’s confession his ring tone…..and wondering where I can get it.

*WHEN* Breaking In comes back (because there is no *if* in my vocabulary when it comes to this show) I vote for Dutch to be sweaty and shirtless at least once per episode. I’m just sayin’.

Oz claiming that ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ was based on his life.

Cam took care of one of those Nigerian scammers? I love him even more now than I did before.

Cash showing up to his first day of high school in a Transformers costume.

Wait. Everyone is surprised that Dutch was a bully? I do like that he didn’t realize it though and thought everyone was laughing at his jokes. Aw.

Oh no…..please no……Cam did not say “Wazzuuuupp!” – did he? Okay he lost a few points from the Nigerian thing. I still love him though, just maybe not quite as much.

“What’s he doing with that tushy paddle?”

AHHHH!!! Oh sorry, the close-up of that butt in those shorts caught me a little off guard, that’s all. *composes self*

Dutch fighting his inner-bully.

Is it wrong that I totally want a Contra Security Snuggie now?

“That’s not menacing, you look constipated.”

“Dammit! I just bought this trapper keeper.”

Why does it not surprise me that Dutch knows how to break dance?

“Focus Lesley! She’s talking about making sexy!”

Aw, Cam got asked out to Prom.

Cash’s brain practically shutting down when Dutch asked what about him was duche-y.

“This is a mistake! You can’t make me Prom King. That can is loaded with three weeks of my pee!”

Okay now I want “It’s my weiner!” as my ringtone too.

Dutch asking Cam if he felt his junk during their manly hug. SOOO many dirty jokes, so little time.

Uh..oh. Melanie did not look pleased about Cam’s kiss on the dance floor.

Oz (and me) finding it adorable that Cam still asks how Oz does things like get his high school yearbook.

Dammit! DVR cut out right then. Oh well, I hope nothing huge happened in the last few seconds. If it did, y’all would tell me, right? RIGHT??

What did you think of this episode of Breaking In? Will your life be over if it never comes back, too? Do you think I’m a little too obsessed with this show? It’s okay, you can tell me, I can take it.

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