THE EVENT “The Beginning of the End” Review

The Event

THE EVENT “The Beginning of the End” Season 1 Episode 21 – The episode opens with Sophia having a nightmare of a town where nearly all the humans are dead, except for a small girl who accuses Sophia of being behind it all. A shaken Sophia still makes serious headway in her plans to release the mutated flu virus. Distribution points are picked and it’s implied that the virus is about to be unleashed at the very end of the episode.

In their hunt for Sophia et al, Sterling and Simon encounter Vicky and Sean. It doesn’t take long for them to start working together and they eventually find the location of Sophia’s base. They go there and find Dr Lu, who gives them the password to her laptop under threat of torture. The laptop apparently holds all the information they will need to stop the attack – they just need to find the right details. Sean finds the infected Leila and they talk about their future together as they wait. But it doesn’t look good for Leila – is she going to die before the season is up?

Martinez’s miraculous recovery confounds his doctor and worries Jarvis. He discharges himself from hospital to go back to the White House but Jarvis, sporting a cockiness we haven’t seen since very early in the season, tells Martinez that he plans on staying as president and he will prove to everyone that Martinez is unfit to lead. Will Martinez recover to full health by next episode? Will it be too late even if he does?

Forewarning: The Event was officially cancelled last week, which means this episode and next week’s finale were written and filmed while the prospect of a second season wasn’t an impossibility. (Although it’s said the producers are already looking for an alternative network to take on the series, so who knows, we may see more of The Event yet.)

The cancellation is a shame because episode was arguably one of the strongest to date.

If we gloss over the ridiculous Spanish flu plan in previous episodes, it actually sort of worked this week. That it would kill much more than the portion of the population Sophia intended was a good dramatic twist.* Now the virus is out in the world and it looks like only a change of heart by Sophia will be able to stop it being released into the general populace.**

Will Sophia change her mind? We saw hints of the old Sophia who didn’t want to harm anyone coming through this week, but it’s a choice between not harming humans and saving her own people. Surely she wouldn’t choose to let her people die?

* Although, honestly, wasn’t that completely obvious all along? The virus wasn’t going to self-destruct just because X amount of people had died.
** A lot of Aliens have been around the virus – they can’t become ill themselves but surely they could be carriers? Shouldn’t the virus already be out in the general populace?

While the government and Sean’s plotlines intercepted the Aliens regularly, it’s taken up until now for them to meet each other properly. Sterling, Simon, Sean and Vicky working together was an interesting dynamic and I hope we get to see a lot more of it in the finale. It would also be nice to see some sort of response to Sean/Leila from Vicky, even if it’s just a reaction shot. They’ve spent the last few weeks hinting that she has feelings for Sean and then they put her in the same room as the women he loves and there’s nothing to show us her feelings about this.

Martinez, to be succinct, is screwed. Unless the ‘proof’ of his poisoning can be used to his advantage or the cabinet turns on Jarvis completely (which isn’t impossible – he’s been an ass to almost everyone), it looks like Martinez probably won’t regain his presidency by the end of next week’s episode. Does it really matter at this point in the game? Who’s in charge has been an important question up until now because they were the one who chose to pursue Sophia (or not). Now that Sophia is on the brink of unleashing a deadly virus and bringing people to Earth, I see Sterling, Sean and the others as being much more important next episode.

And finally: we’re given a new mystery this week. Simon and Dr Lu both mentioned their kind being on earth before humans. How? Where did they go? And how did we come to be here?

What did you think of ‘The Beginning of the End’, dear reader? Leave your thoughts and speculation in the comments below!

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