THE CHICAGO CODE “Greylord and Gambit” Review

THE CHICAGO CODE “Greylord and Gambit” Season 1 Episode 12 – I feel really bad that this is the penultimate episode of The Chicago Code ever. I’ve had my fair share of problems, no doubt, but these last three or four episodes have really stepped up and delivered some of the potential the show promised in the pilot. That next week’s episode will mark the last time we get to see Jason Clarke’s Wysocki and Delroy Lindo’s Gibbons is pretty disappointing.

Fox is a network with a reputation for cancelling beloved shows (Firefly, Dollhouse and now The Chicago Code) but its also the network which takes the biggest risks. The Chicago Code simply did not have enough viewers to sustain it. Maybe it was too dark. Maybe it was not “fun enough” like the current crop of top cop shows: NCIS and Castle. The Chicago Code tried to pass itself off as a smart, sophisticated, sleek show about moral ambiguity in a moral profession and flopped. Maybe the only place you can get away with such stuff is on cable (as I’m writing this CBS still has not picked up what I consider to be one of the best shows on television, The Good Wife, because the viewers are not in the “right” 18-49 demographic.)

In this episode the case started to really close in around Gibbons, who was shortly notified that the sharks are in the waters looking for blood-his blood. As the Irish mob goes about trying to sabotage Colvin’s grand jury case by getting rid of its star witness, the only person who can connect Gibbons to the Irish mob, Liam goes about trying to stop them.

Liam is a character I’ve had a lot of problems with in the early episodes, but in the last few weeks he has really stepped up his game. The shootout and following hide-and-seek scene in the warehouse was thrilling, as was Liam’s manipulation of the Irish mobsters earlier in a victim’s house. In fact, almost every scene with Liam was a thrilling ramp up in suspense and drama.

Gibbons likewise was (as he always is) magnetic to watch as he realizes that everything he has worked for is on the brink of destruction. His relationship with his secretary has never interested me, mainly because the only think I know about her is that she nibbled his ear, which actually says more about him than her, so the fact that he gave her ten grand to flee couldn’t have mattered less to me. What was excellent was seeing two of my favorite characters (Wysocki and Gibbons) in a showdown in the police station. That final scene was wonderfully acted. Jason Clarke exudes this skull-breaker attitude, and Gibbons is as smooth and charismatic as a snake.

Hopefully the series finale will be as good as these last few episodes.

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