NCIS “Pyramid” (Season Finale) Review

NCIS (CBS) Pyramid

NCIS “Pyramid” Season 8 Episode 24 (Season Finale) – This is another one of those times where the necessity of getting a review up immediately after an episode airs is tough. I’m still reeling from tonight’s finale and most of that is coming from literally the last ten minutes of it.

First off the P2P Killer kidnaps Ziva but rather than the entire ep being about that, it’s really just a minor twist that gets resolved quickly. Turns out Cobb did it just so he could turn himself in and get to the people he really wanted – Kort and EJ. Kort because he was the guy who I mean trained Cobb, and EJ because her uncle is the SECNAV and put the program into play in the first place. Of course he doesn’t get away with it and is taken out as we all knew he would be.

After that, it looked like the season was going to go out quietly, with EJ and Cade saying their goodbyes (thank goodness…oops, did that slip out?) and everyone attending Franks’ funeral.

In the last few minutes though, the show threw in a couple new twists that are setting up what could be great storylines for next season. First up there was Ray telling Ziva that he basically wanted to marry her, but he had work to do first. What work? Well it looks like he’s being sent to Tel Aviv to deal with Kort.

Then there’s Tony. Turns out Gibbs’ Number One has been chatting with none other than the new SECNAV and has got himself a super-secret mission. He’s going to be tracking down an agent at NCIS who’s apparently been selling secrets and it looks like the only people in on it will be SECNAV and Vance. How will that affect the team dynamic when Gibbs finds out (cuz, let’s face it, Gibbs always finds out), I have no idea but now I’m dying for the new season to start already.

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it plenty more times before this week of finales is over – it’s gonna be one long summer.

My favorite bits..

Being a little surprised that Tony followed Gibbs’ orders and stayed with Cade instead of going and looking for EJ like we know he wanted. Guess he does still listen to his boss when it counts, which is good.

EJ still breathing in that bag. How scary.

Noticing that Tony was whispering while everyone else was speaking normally. It felt like he was doing his best to protect EJ by doing that somehow.

Vance was in on the program that made Cobb into a killer? Wait, did I miss that last week?

Tony reassuring EJ that what happened wasn’t her fault and she was a good agent. So reminiscent of what he said to Paula a few years ago when she lost her team. Trying really hard not to think about how that turned out.

Wondering what the heck EJ was thinking by taking evidence from Levin’s body. She’s really doing a good job at making me like her less and less.

Tony calling Kort a “one-eye tea bag.” – I’m not even sure what that means, but it was pretty darn funny.

I’m with Gibbs, one dead agent and another critical sounds kinda important to me.

McGee reassuring Abby by pointing out that Cade was a big guy and had a lot of blood. Aw.

Wow, seeing Abby that tired was so strange. I’m not used to seeing her less than her bubbly self.

McGee telling Abby that he was going with her because if anything ever happened to her, he would..something.

Having no doubt that Cobb would be on the other side of that door when Ziva opened it.

Aha! I KNEW that Franks was sick. Man, it’s so like the way Jenny went out.

Gibbs telling Kort that if Ziva got hurt, he would answer to him and Vance backing him up.

Cobb walking into the hotel room and giving himself up??? HUH?

Did we just get a new rule?? I don’t think I’ve ever heard #16 before.

Gibbs offering to put Cobb out of his misery. I have no doubt that he meant it, too.

Ray telling Tony that Kort had been skimming money from the operation. What a bastard.

Tony getting another chance to throw Kort against a wall. I think he missed being able to do that.

Gibbs kissing Abby on the forehead and reminding her to think positive.

Whoa. EJ’s uncle is the SECNAV?

Oh no! Not Palmer!! I totally had a bad feeling as soon as he got into the elevator.

Ziva reassuring Tony that Palmer and EJ would be okay. Poor guy, his girlfriend and one of his best friends, both kidnapped.

Actually being kinda happy when I saw that Cobb had Kort under one of those bags. I felt bad for Palmer though, since he had no fault in any of it.

Cade not believing McGee when he said he was sad to see him go. Yeah, I didn’t buy that either.

“I think I’ll stay put, no sense walking away from a good thing.” “That a compliment, DiNozzo?” “No boss, sorry. Never.”
(I just loved how Gibbs chose to overhear that part of the conversation)

Not being all that sad to see EJ leave.

Ziva telling Ray that if he didn’t stop going away, he never would be married.

Um yeah, I hate to tell ya this Ray, but that’s an empty box.

Whoa. Ray getting orders to handle the fact that Kort was in Tel Aviv. Interesting.

Completely breaking down into tears when I saw that Gibbs had made Franks’ coffin. Wow,

Gibbs giving the flag to Franks’ granddaughter and wondering what he whispered to his daughter-in-law.

SECNAV spoke to Tony??? Wait. What??

SECNAV correcting Vance and telling him to call him Mr. Secretary when they were “talking shop.” Oh, burn!

HOLY CRAP!! Tony getting a special mission to take out an agent who’s been selling top-secret information. So. Freaking. Awesome.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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