NCIS: LOS ANGELES Season Finale “Familia” Review

NCIS:Los Angeles (CBS) Familia

NCIS: LOS ANGELES Season Finale “Familia” Season 2 Episode 24 – Two season finales this big on the same night is almost unfair. I mean I’m just barely getting my head wrapped around what happened over on NCIS and now this show does its best to rattle my cage even further.

Okay let’s see if I can wrangle enough brain cells together to make sense of what I just saw. First off, Hetty went rogue last week and disappeared off to Prague. We had no idea why but from the previews we knew it had something to do with Callen. Turns out there’s a family called Comescu who want him dead because they believe he is the last of a family they consider enemies. Hetty brings them a false Death Certificate and claims that they can stop looking, because the man they are looking for is already dead. And why should they believe her? Well it turns out that Hetty is Comescu, too.

So this is where my head wants to explode. That Callen is in fact the last descendent of this other family I have no doubt, especially after he starts remembering his childhood on a Romanian beach. But what about Hetty? Where does she fit into all of this? Did she take Callen away as a baby to keep him from getting killed and then hide his identity from everyone, including Callen himself? That’s certainly how it’s looking to me.

What this means for next season I’m not sure but I’m thinking that Callen is going to continue to piece together what happened to him as a child. This will probably get him noticed by his old enemies and all hell will break loose. I’m just not sure exactly when or where that will happen. Also, as I can find no info about Linda Hunt leaving NCIS:Los Angeles, I’m thinking that Hetty will come back, but it might take a lot of convincing from Callen before she does.

Now we just have to wait until the dreaded summer hiatus is over to find out how it all works out.

My favorite bits..

Finding it kinda hilarious that that big guy was patting down Hetty. Not that it did him much good, though.

I have no idea if Callen’s accents are any good or not, but damn, it sure is nice listening to him speak in all those different languages.

Callen flat out walking away from Hunter again. Nope, I don’t think he’s accepted her as their new leader, Sam either.

Callen mentioning that if Hetty was pissed when they found her, it wouldn’t be nearly as pissed as he was.

I don’t know what it was about it, but for some reason there were parts of that music they played while Sam and Callen were in Hetty’s house that just creeped me out.

Deeks and Kensi both having the same reaction when they saw that Callen and Sam took cover behind Hetty’s Jag. You know, I’m kinda with them. I might’ve risked getting shot, too. It’s better than facing Hetty’s wrath.

Deeks saying that he was *not* searching Hetty’s bedroom. LOL.

OMG it’s Vance. So now I’m wondering when this is all taking place in the dual show timeline. After all the hoopla over at NCIS in DC?

Hetty describing killing the two men as an “overreaction.”

Vance double-checking to make sure that Nell didn’t have keystroke recognition on her computer. Smart man.

Sam and Callen agreeing that if they were facing fifteen years in military prison, they’d both lie their hearts out. LOL.

The entire team agreeing in unison that there was no way that Eddie was lying.

Okay, that’s it. I’m starting to get just as frustrated as Callen at the fact that no one will read him in on the Comescu file.

Comescu saying he had Hetty? Oh no!

Callen finally finding out what Operation Comescu was about. Wow.

Vance saying that the Comescu family must have mistaken Callen for someone else. I don’t think anyone in that room bought that, cuz I know I sure didn’t.

Callen turning in his badge and gun and Sam following suit. I saw that coming but was pleasantly surprised when Kensi did it as well, and Deeks too, in his own way.

Finding out that Sam has OCD about buying guns off of the black market. Can’t say I blame him though. I’d want to clean the thing, too.

The way the camera stayed outside when the team went inside the house, so that all we could see was the flash of gunfire as they took everyone out. Very effective shot.

Finding out that the head of the Comescu family was a woman.

That was beyond cruel. Hetty nearly giving us Callen’s real name before Alexa Comescu cut her off.

What could be under “additional distinguishing features” that could make but Vance and Nell react like that???

Callen remembering that beach, obviously from his childhood. Holy cow!

Hetty is Comescu?? Guess we know what that “distinguishing mark” was now.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Godsgirl2425

    Wow you picked up so much more than I did! I was so lost in how Callen was feeling and how much they were keeping from him, your perspective blows my mind!

  • Bawse

    i love this show

  • Teresadavis1970

    I think Hetty is his grandmother, with what happens at the end.   

  •  Callen is from an enemy crime family. Hetty is a member of the family who was trying to kill him. I am hoping that they are not trying to pass Callen off as a Romanian?? Maybe if the opposite crime family was Czech or Slovakian. Hetty took him when he was a child, to the USA, put him in the adoption system to protect him. In the first season she told him” I have had my eye on you for a very long time”.. She meant literally!

  • jessluvsireland

     So if Hetty is Comescu, and her family supposed hates Callen’s family …. why was she protecting him?  I’m even more confused now!  
    Hopefully the DVD set isn’t too far away, so I can watch and rewatch … until season 3 starts!  It’s going to be a long summer!!!

  • Anonymous

    Another brilliant ending a brilliant season!! I was not expecting Hetty to say that she was Comescu too! Ahhhhhhh… Is it September yet?

  • steph

    Man, season finales are just cruel…..
    Nice review, couldn’t agree more! About the accents: It was a nice scene, but at least his German accent isn’t that good. I barely understood a word, and I am German… didn’t sound Austrian, either. But I don’t blame him, tv shows never care about getting it right, even if the people “speaking German” are actually supposed to BE German 😉 Really, they can’t manage to find someone who can teach them right? I’d like that job 😀

    • Edvengco

      hear here, I hate season finales. Why cant they do a whole year round episodes?  I would watch it whereever I am. I would record it like what I’m doing now and when I return from a trip or vacation, I watched all of it.  Both shows are great, I would not miss it.  I think Hetty is related to Callen and she rescued him and brought him to the US and watched him grow and recruited him so he can be really, really close to her.  Maybe his grandmother, like one of you said.

  • dlrt

    His polish was crap, his serbian okay, his czech okay, russian and italian and french and german good.

    • Dj

       you’re an idiot.

    • Juuu Hela

      His Czech really sucks…. On the other hand Hetty´s was quite ok…. Believe me I was born and raised in the Czech Republic…

  • Kat

    It’s the official symbol of the Roma (Gypsy) people, so I took it to mean that
    she’s part of the Roma “family” rather than specifically the Comescu family?

  • Viol

    Can’t wait til September!!!
    …the part about the “additional distinguishing features” made me worry for Hetty :(About the accents: when he spoke Italian he said “IN Roma pensano che io sia del nord” (In Rome they think I am from the North), but in Italy they would actually say “A Roma”…and his accent wasn’t either northern or southern, it was just bad -.-

  • Anonymous

    Who cares if his accents were good or bad?  It was just a cool bit of the show – talk about nit picking!

    Thanks for the review.  Great episode and I too can’t wait until the fall.  I hope that Hetty doesn’t leave.  I wonder if Callen, Sam & co did the right thing by going to Prague though.  If Hetty was trying to prove that Callen was dead isn’t it going to backfire if he bursts in and tries to rescue Hetty.  Boy, is she going to be pissed!  Guess she should have told him what she was going to do.  LOL.

  • Pepi35

    i do not think this was a good way to to end this series   miami csi did the same thing when they shot horatio  had to wait so long for to see if he wqas alive  we love this show ncis  and los angeles 

  • Teri Tolon

    DO NOT forget who the Hunter lady is….she is just not some run of the mill pick out of a hat replacement.  She KNOWS what is going on and will somehow be involved. 

  • Teri Tolon

    DO NOT forget who the Hunter lady is….she is just not some run of the mill pick out of a hat replacement.  She KNOWS what is going on and will somehow be involved. 

  • L123456789

    thanks for helping me understand some stuff!

  • Anon

     This just might be a stupid question but what if the tattoo was recent? The agents are always doing something or another so their targets believe the story. Would that make sense?

    • Tampasam

      it can’t be recent because it was on her portfolio. My husband and I discussed the same thing lol

  • Pat

    Better late than never… just watched this show tonight… LOL….

    Not being a linguist, I just enjoy listening to Chris O’Donnell speaking foreign languages. 😎

    When they went in the house, and only showed the gunfire from outside, I kept thinking – “hey, leave someone alive!”

    I missed some of the stuff you mentioned, so thanks for that!

    Maybe it is because I’m old, but I think Callen could be Hetty’s son…. not grandson. I’m wondering if it was a Romeo-Juliet type thing, and he was the result….

    Anyway, as always, great review!

    • Flamingojules

      I’m with you on the Romeo & Juliet scenario!

  • Apeal11

    Lauren Hunter to be a interest loving for Callen in season 3?

    I saw sparks there.

    But her may be your sister?


    Congratulations Chris O’Donnell. You’re showing everyone what a great actor.

    • Neesalun

      Ooh! Lauren being his sister would be awesome…or some relative. She definitely has something in her past that connects her to this storyline. I thought it was calculating when she pretended to be a poor shot at the shooting range. She seems very deadly… I love how someone said Hetty could be his Grandmother. Good one! They have such a good relationship that something deeper would be excellent. I love how Callen has so much under the surface. He is like a lost soul with so many who love and care for him. 

  • Ardealan

    Well, first of all: Grigore and Alexa are not Romanian names, that should be Grigor and Alexandra [shortened: Sanda]
    Second: allthough the Comescu’s are Romanian, they don’t speak Romanian.

    The german accent of Callen was ridiculious: nobody will pronounce “reicher” in Östereicher as “riker” unless you are from the western regions of Germany near the border with The Netherlands.

    • Alexandra

      Both Alexa and Grigore are Romanian names, just like Vasile, Dracul Nicolae, Ileana, and so on. I’m sure about this because I’m Romanian.

  • Clau Zuzu

    This episod was filmed in romania?