NCIS: LOS ANGELES Season Finale “Familia” Review

NCIS:Los Angeles (CBS) Familia

NCIS: LOS ANGELES Season Finale “Familia” Season 2 Episode 24 – Two season finales this big on the same night is almost unfair. I mean I’m just barely getting my head wrapped around what happened over on NCIS and now this show does its best to rattle my cage even further.

Okay let’s see if I can wrangle enough brain cells together to make sense of what I just saw. First off, Hetty went rogue last week and disappeared off to Prague. We had no idea why but from the previews we knew it had something to do with Callen. Turns out there’s a family called Comescu who want him dead because they believe he is the last of a family they consider enemies. Hetty brings them a false Death Certificate and claims that they can stop looking, because the man they are looking for is already dead. And why should they believe her? Well it turns out that Hetty is Comescu, too.

So this is where my head wants to explode. That Callen is in fact the last descendent of this other family I have no doubt, especially after he starts remembering his childhood on a Romanian beach. But what about Hetty? Where does she fit into all of this? Did she take Callen away as a baby to keep him from getting killed and then hide his identity from everyone, including Callen himself? That’s certainly how it’s looking to me.

What this means for next season I’m not sure but I’m thinking that Callen is going to continue to piece together what happened to him as a child. This will probably get him noticed by his old enemies and all hell will break loose. I’m just not sure exactly when or where that will happen. Also, as I can find no info about Linda Hunt leaving NCIS:Los Angeles, I’m thinking that Hetty will come back, but it might take a lot of convincing from Callen before she does.

Now we just have to wait until the dreaded summer hiatus is over to find out how it all works out.

My favorite bits..

Finding it kinda hilarious that that big guy was patting down Hetty. Not that it did him much good, though.

I have no idea if Callen’s accents are any good or not, but damn, it sure is nice listening to him speak in all those different languages.

Callen flat out walking away from Hunter again. Nope, I don’t think he’s accepted her as their new leader, Sam either.

Callen mentioning that if Hetty was pissed when they found her, it wouldn’t be nearly as pissed as he was.

I don’t know what it was about it, but for some reason there were parts of that music they played while Sam and Callen were in Hetty’s house that just creeped me out.

Deeks and Kensi both having the same reaction when they saw that Callen and Sam took cover behind Hetty’s Jag. You know, I’m kinda with them. I might’ve risked getting shot, too. It’s better than facing Hetty’s wrath.

Deeks saying that he was *not* searching Hetty’s bedroom. LOL.

OMG it’s Vance. So now I’m wondering when this is all taking place in the dual show timeline. After all the hoopla over at NCIS in DC?

Hetty describing killing the two men as an “overreaction.”

Vance double-checking to make sure that Nell didn’t have keystroke recognition on her computer. Smart man.

Sam and Callen agreeing that if they were facing fifteen years in military prison, they’d both lie their hearts out. LOL.

The entire team agreeing in unison that there was no way that Eddie was lying.

Okay, that’s it. I’m starting to get just as frustrated as Callen at the fact that no one will read him in on the Comescu file.

Comescu saying he had Hetty? Oh no!

Callen finally finding out what Operation Comescu was about. Wow.

Vance saying that the Comescu family must have mistaken Callen for someone else. I don’t think anyone in that room bought that, cuz I know I sure didn’t.

Callen turning in his badge and gun and Sam following suit. I saw that coming but was pleasantly surprised when Kensi did it as well, and Deeks too, in his own way.

Finding out that Sam has OCD about buying guns off of the black market. Can’t say I blame him though. I’d want to clean the thing, too.

The way the camera stayed outside when the team went inside the house, so that all we could see was the flash of gunfire as they took everyone out. Very effective shot.

Finding out that the head of the Comescu family was a woman.

That was beyond cruel. Hetty nearly giving us Callen’s real name before Alexa Comescu cut her off.

What could be under “additional distinguishing features” that could make but Vance and Nell react like that???

Callen remembering that beach, obviously from his childhood. Holy cow!

Hetty is Comescu?? Guess we know what that “distinguishing mark” was now.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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