MIKE AND MOLLY “Peggy’s New Beau” Review

Mike and Molly

MIKE AND MOLLY “Peggy’s New Beau” Episode 24 – In the season finale of MIKE AND MOLLY, a new character prompts some big changes for both Mike and Molly.

Mike’s mother Peggy is dating a new man (who is the sweetest thing EVER.), and when he first meets the couple, he brings up marriage. Like Carl says in the episode when marriage is mentioned, nothing is ever the same. And it’s true. Once the “M” word is out there Mike sort of… freaks out. On a low level, but he has concerns.

Molly on the other hand, is ready for marriage and mentions this to Mike along with mentioning that she wants children… which leads to them spending some time apart. Molly thinks that she’s being pushy and has been through their entire relationship, so she decides to let Mike take the lead with a few things.

Turns out that Mike isn’t so good at making decisions, which ends with the pair sharing a lean cuisine and watching old TV reruns. Poor Molly is beside herself.

However, it all works out in the end with Mike surprising Molly in her classroom (is this the only time that we’ve seen Molly’s classroom with children in it?) and prosing. Obviously Molly says yes, and the episode ends with Mike and Molly engaged.

“Sweet” is the word that keeps popping up in my head to describe Mike and Molly, and always has been my fall back. I really, really, love the way that Mike and Molly’s relationship has stayed true to real life (as true as a TV show can) and hope that the next season continues with the humor and sweetness that season one brought us.