Masi Oka’s Bookish Ways Become a Regular Part of HAWAII FIVE-0

Masi Oka

Surf’s up! The conditions are perfect for the return of Dr. Max Bergman, HAWAII FIVE-0’s piano-playing, uber-smart medical examiner. Though CBS has not yet renewed the show for season 2, reveals exclusively that Masi Oka will return next season as a series regular. Oka’s mad professor-type character first appeared on Hawaii Five-0 in October.

With none of the socially awkward nature of his character, Oka is currently developing a new pilot script for Syfy. Titled The Correctors, The Hollywood Reporter detailed last month that the project follows “two agents who are dispatched to a parallel universe where they inhabit the bodies of their identical selves in order to stop events from occurring.” The story for The Correctors was developed by Oka and Alex Sabeti. Oka will serve as an executive producer, and possibly star in the project, while Sabeti will write the script.

What do you think about Oka’s promotion on Hawaii Five-0? Do you like the character Max? I’m relieved to hear about Oka’s new full-time gig, because I thought his Syfy project would be taking him away from the CBS show (assuming it’s picked up).