CASTLE Season Finale “Knockout” Review

CASTLE (ABC) Knockout

CASTLE Season Finale “Knockout” Season 3 Episode 24 – I’m used to laughing out loud more than a few times during each episode of this show. Tonight I don’t think I more than smiled and even that was only once, maybe twice. In fact I’m pretty sure I cried more during this ep than any of their other dramatic ones, before. So can someone explain to me why this one is now on my list of all-time favorites?

Oh yeah, that’s right, because it was absolutely amazing.

Lockwood escapes from prison and Beckett and everyone else soon realizes that means there is a third cop out there who was a part of it all, someone else that Lockwood has to silence. That third cop turning out to be Montgomery didn’t even come close to entering my mind, but once it did, I knew that he was not long for this world. I initially thought that he might take his own life, but I realize now that I should have known better. Of course he would go down in a hail of gunfire. Of course he would do it to save Beckett’s life.

Ultimately his plan doesn’t work though and Beckett is shot, which leaves her bleeding in Castle’s arms and compelling him to finally say the words that he’d never been brave enough to say before.

Where does that leave us for next season? Beckett will not die, of course. But with her injured, I see Rick joining with Ryan and Esposito to track down her shooter himself. After that, there will be the aftermath to deal with – getting a new captain, Beckett’s recovery, and of course, what will happen between Beckett and Castle. Was she conscious enough to have heard and remember his words? If not, will Castle tell her again or hide it? We have to wait about four long months to find out. Sigh.

My favorite bits..

Castle asking for a hand and Ryan and Esposito clapping at him. An oldie, but still funny.

The way Castle’s whole attitude changed when Ryan told him where Beckett was.

“The special today is serial arsonist, person I can interest you in an armed robber?” – Loved that that got a laugh out of her.

Literally saying “oh no!” as soon as I heard Lockwood was going to general population.

Beckett spotting that the cops had the wrong kind of metal on their uniforms, just before the bomb went off.

The captain ordering Ryan and Esposito to put a detail on Beckett and to not hesitate to take out Lockwood if they got the chance. Whoa.

Alexis pointing out how hard it must be for Beckett to give closure to all those other families but never get it herself.

“She cares about you, Rick. And unless you’re a lot dumber than you look, you care about her.”

Knowing just how stressed out Beckett was when she went off on Ryan.

The captain not hesitating to authorize the guys to have a few cold ones.

The look on Castle’s face when he found out how they kept the beer cold.

Castle spotting that the document was altered and all of them taking pics of it on their phones. Brilliant.

Castle asking the captain to take Beckett off the case and Montgomery replying that the only one who could do that was Castle.

The entire scene where Castle begged Beckett to think about what her death would do to those who loved her – including the two of them calling each other Kate and Rick, Castle saying he didn’t know what they were because they kiss and never talk about it, Castle accusing her of getting into relationships with men she didn’t love, and finally Kate throwing him out. WOW. WOW. WOW.

Martha knowing exactly who made her son that angry and telling him to not waste another minute of his life.

Beckett asking the captain to kick Castle to the curb, but actually being quite surprised at how quickly he volunteered to do it.

Finding out that Montgomery was the third cop. I know I’ve already said ‘Wow’ a lot but what else can I say to that???

Montgomery taking extra time to tell all of his girls that he loved them

Ryan and Esposito working the case on their own but deciding to wait to tell Beckett until they knew more.

Ryan and Esposito actually fighting…..FIGHTING?? Holy crap, this is bad.

Montgomery telling Beckett that when he met her, he felt the Hand of God and that he had a chance to protect her like he should have protected her mother.

Gasping out loud when Montgomery called out for Castle and told him to get her out of there.

Castle literally picking Kate up and carrying her out of there. Yep, that’s when the tears started.

Finding it so powerful how we could see Castle talking to Kate and reassuring her, but not being able to hear his words.

Beckett running out of Castle’s arms when she heard that last shot and they both knew what it meant.

Beckett, Castle, Ryan and Esposito deciding that no one would ever know the truth about Montgomery.

I guess it’s the former equestrian in me, but I found that riderless horse so poignant that I cried my way all that way through Kate’s speech.

Castle spotting the reflection off the gun seconds before it went off…and finally finding the words to tell Kate he loved her. Who knew I could cry any harder? Again, wow.

What did you think of this episode of Castle? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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