5 TV Shows Characters I’d Like to See as Kids (in Flashbacks Of Course)

Characters I'd Like to See as Kids

Flashback episodes on television shows are nothing new, neither are flashbacks to our favorite characters as children. From Sam and Dean on Supernatural, Shawn and Gus on Psych, to Hank and Evan on Royal Pains, there are plenty of shows out there that have given us quite a few glimpses into the childhoods of some great characters. Heck, recently we even got to see a little version of Megan Hunt on Body of Proof.

Most of the time, these looks into the past are brief and only allow for the tiniest of peeks into the mysterious world of the characters’ wonder years. Sometimes that’s just not enough for me and occasionally I start thinking about what it would be like to see entire episodes that delved into the character and what they were like as kids. I want to know if they were basically the same person then as they are now, or if something in their lives changed them into a completely different person – someone that even they thought they would never be.

Here are my picks for characters I’d like to see in entire flashback episodes as kids.

1. Tony from NCIS

Over the years, we’ve heard more than a few interesting stories from Tony’s childhood – like getting left behind in a hotel, or making the mistake of fashioning his “spaceman” Halloween costume from one of his father’s expensive ski suits.

I get the impression that he was both a sweet and mischievous little boy, one who lost his mother much too young, and I’d love the chance to actually see him at that age and learn what he was really like.

2. Patrick Jane from The Mentalist

The Mentalist (CBS) Redacted

As of right now we’ve really only seen Jane as the man who has been traumatized by the loss of his family.

But what about before that? I’m sure he was just as smart then as he is now, but was he a whipsmart funny kid kind of like Shawn on Psych? Or was he more of a pensive little fellow, unsure of his gifts and maybe getting teased by other kids who saw him as a freak for what he could do?

3. Kensi from NCIS: Los Angeles

From what we know about Kensi, she’s another character who had an interesting childhood. She spent a lot of time with her dad learning about cars, weapons and fighting; all things that are not exactly the norm for most children, especially little girls.

I don’t get the impression that there were lots of little pink dresses in her past but I do have to wonder if she was the kind of girl who wanted those things. If rebelling for her meant fighting to do something girly like go to ballet class.

4. Peter and Neal from White Collar

White Collar

Now the reason I chose both of these characters is that I loved the idea of seeing those two as kids together. If they were exactly the same as boys as they are now, with Peter the good boy and Neal as the naughty one, it would fun to see that dynamic in children.

But what might be even funnier is the thought of the two of them actually being the opposite of what they are like now. What if it was Neal who was the good boy and Peter the naughty one? How interesting would that be?

5. Danny, Erin, and Jamie from Blue Bloods

A couple of episodes back, Frank told a very brief story about how Danny and Erin fought so much when they tried to put them in a room together (when baby Jamie was born), that they had to end up looking for a new house with more bedrooms, even though they couldn’t really afford it.

That made me laugh and I couldn’t stop thinking about how fun it would be to see a flashback episode of the entire family, with younger versions of Frank and Henry, and kid versions of Danny, Erin, Jamie and of course Joe. Seeing how well this family gets along as adults, I think it would be interesting to see how that translates to their relationship as young children and parents.


Well there they are, just a few TV shows and characters I’d love to see entire flashback episodes on, purely for the fun of watching them as kids. Whether they were the same people then as they were now (just in smaller bodies), or they were polar opposites to the people they ultimately became, it’s still interesting to ponder what our favorite characters were like as children.

So which characters and shows would you like to see flashback to the wonder years?

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