THE SIMPSONS “500 Keys” Review


THE SIMSPSONS “500 Keys” Season 22 Episode 21 – The Simpsons is no longer the near-perfect show it once was, and episodes like these make it apparent just how far the show has fallen.

Two words: umbilical cord. That’s all I took away from this episode of The Simpsons, which I thought was pretty boring up until that throwaway scene with the umbilical cord. If I had not watched HBO’s Game of Thrones afterwards and witnessed a six or seven year old sucking on a woman’s breast, that image would have haunted me. Instead Game of Thrones did, but man, I still shudder when I think of it umbilical cord, which was just a brilliant gag in a not-so-brilliant episode.

The Simpsons find 500 keys in a drawer and decide to sort through them: Bart takes a bunch of keys needed around Springfield (keys to the mail box and one to a window washing elevator thingy) while Lisa finds one which belongs to the Springfield Elementary School. When she goes to return it, she finds a room marked “Banned Band Books” and seemingly perfect classroom: the only problem is that it’s completely artificial. Upon further investigation she discovers that Skinner and the Superintendent lost a grant the school received and had to create a mock classroom to take photos of with 23 dummies. Otto then crashed the bus when returning the dummies, the dummies drowned and Otto has sort kinda not really been racked with guilt ever since.

This episode of The Simpsons verged on bad. For me, the umbilical cord gag saved it, as did Homer sucking the cake off Maggie’s head. But then that was balanced off with the hideous toot machine, which was just awful in every way.

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