THE KILLING “Stonewalled” Review

The Killing

The Killing “Stonewalled” Season 1 Episode 8 – With the FBI trampling all over their case Linden and Holder struggle to keep it going. To make matters worse, crime scene photographs are leaked to the media after Linden’s son emails them to his friends, and Rick still isn’t responding to her phonecalls. At the end of the episode when Linden finally discovers Holder’s big secret – he’s an addict who is six months clean and the money drops are his sponsor looking after his excess wages to avoid temptation.

A week after Rosie’s death, the Larsen’s are finding it hard to cope. After the leaked photographs distract Mitch and leave their sons (who are already wondering if they’ve upset their parents) in a potentially dangerous situation, Stan decides enough is enough and starts to pack away Rosie’s things. This leads to an argument about who is to blame for the death with each blaming the other.

With the discovery of a terrorist organisation linked to the mosque from last week, Bennet is asked not to come back to school for a while. Things are tense between he and his wife Amber. The episode ends with Bennet on the phone to the mysterious Mohammed, first talking in a foreign language and then in english about passports arriving tomorrow. Unbeknown to Bennet, Holder has set up a wiretap on his phone.

Richmond attends the parole hearing for his wife’s killer. She asks for his forgiveness but we don’t hear his response. We do, however, see the aftermath, when in an unexpectedly violent outburst he punches a bathroom mirror. Between the parole hearing (which he doesn’t tell Gwen about) and his campaign faltering under the Larsen murder/Bennet/mosque reveals, Richmond’s cool composure seems to be coming apart at the seams. Later, he even goes so far as to give permission for Wright to spill dirt they had gathered about Mayor Adams to the press.

While this was a good episode, I’m starting to get a little restless. The Killing weaves a good story, but it’s also expanding its scope well past the initial murder of Rosie Larsen with Richmond’s campaign woes and the terrorist plot. While I’m sure all the pieces will fit together over the next few episodes (we’re only 5 away from the end of the season), this episode just felt a bit…odd because of the current disconnect.

This week didn’t bring us anything new about Rosie beyond the discovery of her t-shirt in the meat processing factory. The really interesting part of that location was the room which had ‘been used to hold young girls’. Hopefully the FBI will have backed off by next week allowing Linden and Holder to investigate this further. Was Rosie held there? Is this also connected to the missing girl mentioned at the mosque last week?

The kids played a important part in this episode. The Larsen boys find themselves being all but ignored by their grieving mother, their father is on edge, and it’s their aunt who is having to step in and help them with the usual day-to-day things. Similarly, Linden’s involvement in the Larsen case is taking a toll on her son and he finds himself being left with Regi almost constantly. I find this second one to be the most upsetting. Mitch Larsen can be forgiven for her behaviour because she is grief-stricken but Linden really hasn’t got much of an excuse. She could hand this case over at any time and get on a plane to Sonoma with her son, but her commitment issues and obsession with work are keeping her busy in Seattle.

Speaking of Sonoma and commitment issues – was Rick’s assistant answering the phone unexpectedly a hint that he may be having an affair? Or is this another The Killing fakeout?

The reveal of Holder’s addiction issues was the best part of this episode for me. Now that we know the reasons behind his shady behaviour, we – and Linden – can start to trust his character. His initiative with the wiretap also helped to show that he’s a pretty good cop too. I’m excited to see how this stronger partnership goes in future episodes.

Overall: not the strongest episode to date but still a very good, enjoyable watch.

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