MAD LOVE “After The Fireworks” Review

MAD LOVE (CBS) After The Fireworks

MAD LOVE “After The Fireworks” Episode 13 – Reviewing television shows that have already been cancelled is getting a little old, but I’ve decided to just roll with it and talk about what I would like to have seen, had it come back. I’m sad that we won’t be finding out what happens with Connie and Larry when they do finally decide to date. Because let’s face it, we all know that was going to happen, seeing how much fun they had on the dance floor at the rehearsal dinner and how Larry could rattle off a bunch of reasons why she was so great. Sure, that kiss with Tiffany was going to cause a lot of drama, but it would have eventually blown over.

I also kinda wanted to know how things were going to go with Ben and Kate. I thought for sure those two were on the fast track to marriage and kids, but this episode proved me wrong when they decided to take a few steps back. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that idea presented as something positive, which was a little strange, but I could see how it might work.

Overall it was an okay end to an okay show. While it wasn’t on my list of all-time faves quite yet, I was definitely ready to watch it next season. Oh well.

My favorite bits..

Larry mispronouncing Ben’s name as “Louise.”

Larry saying that every wedding is an opportunity to trick drunk girls into thinking he’s a NASCAR driver.

Larry fanning himself at the thought of Ben’s wedding.

Kinda giggling at the “I don’t know who ordered the tax” joke. Is that wrong?

“Honey, you shouldn’t say ‘old Maid.’ You won’t like it when people call you that.” – Ooh, ouch.

“Eew, you smell like the deli counter.” “That’s because I burped right before I sat down.”

Ben and Kate re-thinking their idea to do it on the kitchen table.

Yep, I knew it was a matte of time before Larry started dreaming about Connie.

Kate living up to her clumsy girl reputation about ten seconds after Tom walked in the door. (ps: OMG that’s “The Finder”!)

“Pardon me for choosing to NOT subject my feet to the tyranny of foot dungeons.” (I am so gonna start calling shoes that now, especially high heels).

Ben describing Tom as “a very handsome dude in a little shirt.”

Ben not finding Connie’s story nearly as funny as she though he would.

The multi phone call box thingy.

The fact that Larry’s advice to Ben after he heard about Kate’s marriage was to tell him to go out and marry someone really fast.

I’m with Larry, watching Connie’s soon-to-be stepmom take her down like that was unsettling.

Laughing my arse off at Larry’s lewd dance moves.

Wondering how the heck one accidentally eats cat food.

Yes! Larry taking Connie’s stepmom down a notch….and describing all the sweet things he liked about Connie.

Larry telling Penny that she looked like a jockey.

Connie’s dad telling her that any guy who liked her crazy laugh was worth hanging on to. Aaaw.

Farewell Mad Love, we barely knew ye.

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