LAW AND ORDER: CI “Boots On The Ground” Review

LAW AND ORDER: CI “Boots On The Ground” Season 10 Episode 3 – Congratulations Law and Order: CI. You have managed to outlive Law and Order: LA. It was promising, but the dovetail spin off of the Law and Order franchise and (unofficially) NCIS: LA was just cancelled. Criminal Intent is intent to stay on the least until the end of this season. Then it’s cancelled, like all of the Law and Orders save SVU, where people can still go to have their weekly fetish of super violent sex crimes filled. Yay sex crimes!

The opening teaser of Law and Order: Criminal Intent is almost always by favorite of any of the Law and Orders, and this episode opening split between a guy getting lingerie for his girlfriend and a tour of a mercenary training camp. Then the guy buying lingerie got himself thrown off a building. He was a new addition to the cyber warfare division of the mercenary contractors. It was by far the most interesting part of the show, though that’s not to say the show was bad.

I actually enjoyed the episode. The parallels between defence contractors and Sun Tzu’s doctrine was obvious and pretentious but you have to give it points for at least trying to be smart. It’s better than a show that is complacent to be dumb.

The show had faux pretentiousness which I’m always a sucker for with vague political commentary and literary parallels. It ended with a device used in countless classic (and not so classic) murder mysteries: gather all of the suspects in one room and slowly go through the evidence until you narrow the suspect down to monsieur guilty. It turns out the suspect are a duo of the deceased man’s lover and his employer.

The device, made most famous by Agatha Christie, is one I am an unashamed sucker for and it wrapped up the episode quite nicely.

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