HAWAII FIVE-0 Season Finale “Oia’i’o” Review

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) "Oia'i'o"

HAWAII FIVE-0 Season Finale “Oia’i’o” Episode 24 – This episode started out with all the elements one would expect from a season finale, a government official killed in a car bomb with all of the evidence pointing to Steve. I figured that was WoFat and that Steve would figure a way out of it, but as the episode went on, things only got worse. The more Steve investigates, the more he discovers that everything begins to point to…..the governor??

Now that, I did not see coming.

But before I can truly recover from that bit of news, things quickly start going from bad to worse when a witness shows up and identifies Kono from the day they stole the money from lock-up.

Meanwhile Steve keeps getting himself in deeper and deeper until he ends up breaking into the governor’s house and holding a gun to her in an effort to get the truth. His plan backfires when WoFat shows up, knocks him out, kills the governor and of course pins it on him, forcing Chin to arrest him.

So now Danny is all alone and it looks like it’s going to be all up to him (plus Kaye, I guess) to fix everything, what with Steve in jail, Kono’s badge taken away while she’s under investigation, and, oh yeah, Chin’s decision to break ranks and go back to the PD and give up on Five-0 completely. As if that isn’t rough enough, poor Danny kinda has his own issues to deal with now that Rachel has told him she’s carrying his baby and wants to move back to New York.

What does that mean for next season? I have no clue. I mean seriously, my mind is reeling right now and I hardly know where to begin to speculate on how this will all turn out. Of course it’ll all come right eventually but how that will happen is completely beyond me at the moment. I guess all I have to say at this point is that my prediction last week has come true and yes, this is definitely gonna be one long summer hiatus.

My favorite bits..

Danny lying in bed, watching Elvis and admiring his “hair game.”

Rachel telling Danny that it was time to tell Stan about them. Yeah, I’d say that was a little overdue.

The chief offering Chin not only his badge back, but as the rank of lieutenant, and Chin turning him down because the Five-0 was his home now.

Uh oh…looks like that money is coming back to haunt them again.

“Are you gonna ask her out?” “Who? Miss Hills?” “No the governor, who do you think?”

Steve telling Chin that Miss Hills was always ‘sexting’ him. Har.

The governor telling Laura that it was perfectly alright for a woman to make the first move.

Oh man, I really should have seen that coming. Poor Laura. Poor Chin.

Both Steve and Kaye making sure to mention that Laura never felt the blast. No doubt they did that for Chin’s benefit.

Such a tease! They guys in the car, but no ‘cargument’? C’mon!

Whoa! Laura was sending all that stuff to Steve? What the heck?

Danny describing the army surplus as Steve’s heaven. LOL.

The argument over Danny’s eggs versus powdered eggs. I’ll take Danny’s eggs anytime..wait, that came out a lot dirtier than I meant it to.

“Okay, I’ll take the pepper spray and my buddy wants the powdered eggs.”

Steve showing up with the laptop with Dale’s brother on it. That was low…but friggin’ brilliant.

Was it just me or did anyone else find the music they used when Steve spotted the old desk in the governor’s office sounded a whole lot like Lost music?

Danny asking Steve if he was the host of Antiques Road Show.

“All those that think that’s a certifiably demented idea, please raise your hand.” – and everyone raises their hands! LOL.

Steve describing the Five-0 as a “benevolent dictatorship.”

Danny pulling Steve away and trying to calm him down after he lost it when he saw their only witness was dead.

Getting a very bad feeling when Steve took that key out of his pocket after Danny walked away. Uh oh.

OMG! There it is again! Scary Lost-like music! Run Steve run!

Wow, I so didn’t expect Rachel to tell Danny that she was pregnant with his baby. I can’t help but to picture the cuteness though. It’s so gonna be a mini-Danny, I just know it.

Aw man, I know that Danny only moved to Hawaii because of Rachel and Grace but still, I didn’t think he’d be so quick to leave.

Jumping about ten feet off my couch when Danny walked into Steve’s place and got attacked by Steve.

“What’s with the ambush? Why are you dressed like a ninja?”

Finding out that Laura was trying to help Steve and the governor had her killed for it. Holy crap!

OMG! They have a warrant for Steve??

Steve doing anything but going quietly.

Kamekona asking if he lost another bet he forgot about when Steve drove up.

Whoa! Who knew Kamekona was hiding an entire weapons’ stash?

Wow, things are going in the crapper faster than my mind can process. Now Kono is going down for breaking into the locker?

Kinda wanting to groan and hold my head, just like Danny did when he saw how things were going for the team.

Thinking it kinda hilarious that Danny thought he could fix everything fast enough to meet Rachel and Grace at the airport on time. That’s what I call confidence.

Okay, okay, serious brain overload now. WoFat taking down McGarrett, shooting the governor and planting the fun on Steve. Crap! Crap! Crap!

Chin arresting Steve??? I think I’m gonna pass out now….

I’m with Danny. So much for Chin saying that Five-0 was his family.

Danny reassuring Steve that he was going to get him out of it.

Kono getting picked out of the line-up by that old lady.

Truly hating seeing those three dreaded words go across my TV screen….”To Be Continued…”

What did you think of the first season finale of Hawaii Five-0? How long do you think it will take before everyone is back together on the team again?

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