GOSSIP GIRL “The Wrong Goodbye” Review

GOSSIP GIRL “The Wrong Goodbye” Season 4 Episode 22 – What did you think of tonight’s season finale episode? I was completely taken surprise by the cliffhanger, although I can’t really see Blair being pregnant.

Serena: I thought it was nice of Serena to apologize to Dan and Nate for leading them on. Maybe this will be the start of a new, more mature, Serena? I felt bad for Serena at the Constance ball when everyone seemed so disappointed in her. I enjoyed the scene at the end – do you think Serena might have found a new career in film?

Chuck and Blair: Was Blair and Chuck’s split the wrong goodbye in your opinion? I thought it was romantic when Chuck saved Blair from Russell and they shared a dance (and a little more) afterward. It’s frustrating to me that they keep going after each other and then they decide it’s not meant to be and then one of them inevitably calls it off. I think both of them are in love with the chase more than they are in love with one another. I actually hope Blair ends up marrying Louis since it would be completely unpredictable. I don’t think that she will actually be pregnant, do you?

Nate: I am hoping that Nate is more interesting next season. It’s a shame that Raina went home to Chicago because I liked the two of them together. Do you think Nate was a good friend to Chuck this season? I felt like he was a bad friend but out stupidity, not spite. It was really dumb of him to tell Raina about her father as it almost got Blair killed. It was also not cool of him to date Raina since he was Chuck’s ex. What do you think?

Dan and Vanessa: Dan is going to be so upset when he finds out what Vanessa did. What I want to know is if Vanessa is going to tell Dan what she did or just pocket his checks? Vanessa was probably my least favorite character of the season. After reading Dan’s book, she accused him of wanting into the upper east side more than even his sister. Be that as it may, I feel like Vanessa is just as bad as Dan, if not worse. I hope that next season she finally starts returning back to normal.

Twist: One of the biggest twists of the night is that Charlie isn’t Charlie, she’s Ivy. Say Whaaa? So what was all that about? It looks like Serena’s aunt concocted an elaborate scheme to get some of the family money. I loved that Georgina was on to her. I have to admit, I actually missed Georgina and I hope to see more of her next season.

For me, season 4 of Gossip Girl did not disappoint and was good right up through tonight’s show. What did you think? Please leave me a comment and let me know what you thought about tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl, as well as your thoughts on season 4 and what you hope to see in season 5.

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