Donald Trump Not Running for President, Not Fired from CELEBRITY APPRENTICE

The Celebrity Apprentice

Despite dropping quite a few hints to the contrary, Donald Trump has come out and declared that he will not be running for president after all, at least not in the next election. Instead, he plans to continue working on Celebrity Apprentice and putting celebs through their paces.

Here’s what Trump had to say at NBC’s upfront presentation in New York City:

“Well, thank you very much, and in particular, I’d like to thank Brian (Roberts), Steve (Burke) and Bob (Greenblatt). Terrific guys. NBC has been amazing. This will be our 12th season, and I have to say, I love Celebrity Apprentice. We’ve raised tens of millions of dollars for charity. We’ve never raised so much as we have in the last season. And after getting so many calls from Bob and from Steve and everybody, I’ve decided that we are going to continue onward with Celebrity Apprentice. We’re going to continue making lots and lots of money for charity. I will not be running for President, as much as I’d like to, and I want to thank everybody very much. Thank you very much. Gonna see you for a great season.

Thank you.”

If Trump had decided to run, he apparently might have had a good chance, as some early polls showed that he was ranking well among potential Republican candidates. But even without a shot at presidency, the real estate tycoon is still doing quite well, with Apprentice apparently giving NBC some of its highest ratings for Sunday nights among the prized 18-34 demographic.

So are you sorry to hear that Trump won’t be running for president or relieved? Are you planning on watching the next season of Celebrity Apprentice?

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