Invisible Jet Downed, WONDER WOMAN Pilot Grounded

wonder woman adrianne palicki

NBC has decided to pass on the much-discussed and much-ridiculed WONDER WOMAN pilot from David E. Kelley and Warner Bros. TV, reveals No reasons have been given yet as to why.

Was it the high cost that was rumored to have initially postponed the project? Was it the mixed reviews at test screenings? Was it the malignant gossip concerning the – let’s face it – cheap-looking costume (both versions)? Perhaps it was the, not one but two, aliases that Wonder Woman was reportedly going to have in the show, namely, Diana Prince and Diana Themyscira, the head of Themyscira Industries.

Or the rejection could have been over the further rumored story and character elements that veer too far away from the comic book. Kelley updates the classic by recounting the double life of a strong businesswoman and a crime-fighting, wonder woman of the Amazons. Unfortunately it seems that he may have paid too much attention to the boring CEO, leaving a thin plot and no drama. Giving Diana Prince a love/obsession with planes that is worthy of Howard Hughes may also have been too much for NBC and fans to handle. Furthermore, according to, Kelley also “asked for lots of heart-thumping, contemporary music,” though where that would have gone will be left to your imagination.

Did Kelley overanalyze the comic to the point of destruction?

Are you surprised that NBC passed on Wonder Woman? Are you happy, sad, indifferent about it?