BOB’S BURGERS “Lobsterfest” Review

BOB'S BURGERS Lobsterfest Episode 12 (4)

BOB’S BURGERS “Lobsterfest” Episode 12 – With the town around Bob’s Burgers gearing up for the annual Lobsterfest, Bob has a reaction to the town’s excitement that reminds me of a kid having a tantrum. While he’s normally the serious guy, he’s so offended by the idea of Lobsterfest that he temporarily loses his sanity and suddenly Linda and the kids seem like the levelheaded ones in the family.

Maybe it’s Bob’s shellfish allergy combined with the challenge of owning a burger joint in a seaside town that makes him so reluctant to participate in the community celebration of Lobsterfest. To keep Bob calm, the Belcher family has kept away from Lobsterfest for years. I loved the moment when Tina, Gene and Louise were looking through a Lobsterfest pamphlet and were caught by Bob who was fine when he thought they were looking at a pornographic pamphlet, but when he realized they were looking at a Lobsterfest brochure, he flipped out. Those are Bob’s priorities.

As the hurricane gets closer to the town, stranded people make their way into Bob’s Burgers for food, beer and atmosphere. Bob isn’t able to promise atmosphere, but he ends up bringing the entire community together for “Bobsterfest,” drinking too much, and giving away all the food and drinks on the house. Of course, the day after the hurricane passes, Lobsterfest is back on and all his friends from the night before have more exciting things to do than to help him clean up. I wasn’t such a big fan of Bob in this episode – his attitude towards Lobsterfest was one thing, but he was more whiny about it than he normally is about the things that bother him. Sure, he’s always been stubborn, but that stubbornness usually leads him to become creative and innovative when he’s stuck with an annoying situation. This time he pretty much just had a fit about it. I guess we’re all entitled to days like that though.

The side story with Tina, Gene and Louise venturing outside during the hurricane was brilliant. I’ve mentioned in other reviews how I think Bob’s Burgers really does a great job of making these kids seem real even when they’re completely over the top. Tonight’s episode was another example of that. Led on by Louise, the kids escape to go looting during the hurricane, but instead of causing actual property damage and stealing from stores, they’re content to collect the crap that’s accumulated on the streets because of the storm – a free brick, a free quarter, free seaweed, free plywood (Gene flying away like a kite when he picked up the plywood made me laugh out loud.) These are strange kids, but they aren’t bad kids.

When a lobster comes crawling by, it’s Louise that influences the other two to break their family rules and eat lobster for the very first time. Their makeshift stove looked like the most dangerous contraption but it definitely looked like something kids would put together if their parents were not paying attention. The kids running through their dreams of how they had imagined their first times eating lobster were hilarious. Tina’s dream of her wedding lobsters with Jimmy Jr. was topped by Gene’s rock star dream of jumping into a pool of cooked lobster, which was topped by Louise’s plan of being served her last meal on death row and escaping prison using lobster claws to attack her guards. Let’s hope Bob and Linda can get Louise a constructive hobby before she ends up making that dream come true.

Bob is hilarious when he’s playing it straight so when he eventually gets to the point where he has a mental breakdown in most episodes, it’s so much funnier because he had been working so hard to keep his sanity among all the crazy characters around him. With Bob upset and overreacting from the very beginning there wasn’t very far for his character to go in the episode. Linda had to play the serious Belcher and in this scenario, the role reversal wasn’t quite as funny as I had expected. The kid’s subplot in this episode of Bob’s Burgers had most of the really strong humor, so even if Bob was being a little annoying, there was plenty to laugh about in this episode.