AMERICAN DAD “Flirting With Disaster” Review

AMERICAN DAD Flirting with Disaster Season 7 Episode 19

AMERICAN DAD “Flirting With Disaster” Season 6, Episode 18 – Tonight’s episode of American Dad turned out to be one of the more dark and twisted episodes I’ve seen in a while.

After Lorraine gets promoted, Francine gets a job with the C.I.A. working as a receptionist in Stan’s office. I thought the spoof of the opening from The Office was pretty clever and I like that they kept the mockumentary feel for a little while early in the episode. Since it was a gag that went on longer than just the opening sequence, I think I would have liked it if they kept the mockumentary running through the entire episode instead of just letting it drop once the “Dutch” film crew of Chinese spies was revealed.

This episode exposes a side of Stan’s office where the employees spend more time indulging their out of control hormones than doing any work and when Francine comes into the office, she ends up fitting right in with the “harmless flirting” energy of the office. Of course this upsets Lorraine and Stan and they end up agreeing that Francine’s flirting needs to be stopped. Stan sets up Francine using a funny bit where she’s framed for the theft of a sandwich from the office refrigerator, but before the plan comes to a head, Lorraine throws acid into Francine’s face. That’s right, acid. The face melting kind. Talk about a prank going too far.

Instead of going all Two-Face on everyone, Francine shows up back at the office determined to do her job. Everyone avoids her now and although we don’t see her face for a while, there’s a disgusting scene where she’s flirting with one of Stan’s co-workers (because Stan is holding a gun to his crotch) and a chunk of her face skin falls off into his coffee. Francine sweetly apologies and explains, “I’ve been shedding scabs all day.” Honestly, I think I vomited in my mouth a little when she said that. So gross. When we finally do see her disfigured face, that poor woman looked like the Crypt Keeper’s ugly little sister.

The subplot, which revolved around Roger and Steve teaming up to sell birdhouses, also played heavily into the dark humor of the episode. The bird family scene started out so sweet and cute and suddenly took a turn for the horrific as the entire family – including a new hatchling – were killed as one of Steve’s birdhouses collapsed in a fiery mess thanks to Roger’s knock off birdhouse parts. I totally appreciated Steve’s reaction to the tragedy and was happy to see their partnership end.

I did love Stan’s thunder-butt thunderclap and I thought the ending was pretty cute with Francine calling Stan “Crater Butt” and Stan calling her “Ass Face” – thank goodness they’ve got such a great plastic surgeon in town. Although American Dad normally has a twisted sense of humor, this episode was much darker than I normally expect. If you’re the kind of American Dad fan that loves when the humor gets really depraved, this episode is bound to be among your favorites. I just hope I’ll be able to forget Francine’s scabby melted face or it will be hard for me to look at her the same way ever again.