FLASHPOINT “Thicker Than Blood” Review


FLASHPOINT “Thicker Than Blood” Season 4 Episode 2* – Team 1 are called in to deal with a bank robbery in progress. The suspect is a local school principle, Roger Finch, who is desperate to withdraw forty thousand dollars from his bank account for an unknown reason. Greg gets Finch’s wife to come down to the scene – but she spots a video feed of the robbery and tells them that the man is not her husband. So who is pretending to be Roger Finch?

It turns out that the real bank robber, Garth, is probably working with his daughter and her husband. Team 1 go to the house and find it empty. But a message on the answerphone demanding forty thousand dollars, medication and books dealing with leukemia are enough for Team 1 to deduce what’s happening: Garth’s grandson, Chris, is suffering from leukemia and the only available donor is demanding money.

Except they have a second option. Unable to find the money to pay off the original donor, Chris’ stepfather, Mark, kidnapped Chris’ biological father – Roger Finch. When things go pear shaped with the bank robbery, Mark decides to have Finch tested instead. He’s a match, so Mark enlists a doctor friend to help him sneak Finch into the hospital and prepare him for surgery. But Team 1 are on their trail and get there in time to stop the procedure. Finch’s wife (with a little help from Jules) convinces her husband to donate his bone marrow anyway.

For the second week in a row we’re dealing with doctors and medical tests, but while the child was already dead in last week’s episode, the outcome this week will potentially save a child’s life. It was an emotional episode and it was only the perkiness of little Chris (perhaps a bit too perky at times) that kept me from being reduced to tears.

I can’t help but feel it was a little heavy handed though. The focus shifting from Garth to Mark and his family was perhaps a big enough twist without the added revelation of Finch fathering Chris after an underaged affair with Garth’s daughter, Ava. The same effect could have been achieved if Finch was just a deadbeat dad or a man of Ava’s age who was only now finding out about the existence of his son and wasn’t sure how to deal with the information. Ending the episode on a happy note glossed over the fact Finch committed statutory rape and didn’t really explore Ava’s current feelings about it all.

Jules’ interest in learning about kids was interesting and I look forward to seeing where that goes, though it feels a little left field compared to last week when she didn’t have much to say about the situation Team 1 dealt with. The sudden distance between Ed and his wife compared to the end of last week’s episode was a little odd, but hopefully we’ll get more information on their issues over the next few episodes.

Overall, a good episode that could have been better with a little tweaking.

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* This episode is also known as 3×09 in Canada.

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