BLUE BLOODS “The Blue Templar” Review

Blue Bloods (CBS) The Blue Templar

I’ve never been shy about saying how uninterested I was in the whole Blue Templar storyline from the beginning. Throughout this season it felt like every time it was brought up, it would pull away from other storylines and was basically, well, annoying.

Well tonight that story redeemed itself. Like I said at the end of last week’s episode, the moment Jamie brought in Danny, I was on board. I was very happy to see how quickly the rest of the family got involved too, and it was great to watch three generations of Regans fight together to take down the people who murdered one of their own.

This finale was so good in fact that I’m even willing to let slide that fact that the coincidence was all a little too good. I mean, the moment Jamie admits to everyone that he knows about the Templars, Danny is put on a case of dirty cops? Whatever. It worked and that’s all that matters.

One other thing I have to mention is the recent news that I’ve seen going around about how CBS has plans to change this show and make it less character-driven and more a procedural. Now I have nothing against procedurals and I watch a couple of them myself. But the beauty of this show was that it wasn’t just another cookie cutter cop show. These characters, this family – that is what makes it great and if they do anything to mess with that, I will be very disappointed.

Normally after watching a season finale that I enjoyed this much, I would be happily anticipating a new season. But this time I find myself worried that we may never see the same show again. Here’s hoping that The Powers That Be over at CBS don’t do too much to change this drama. After all, why fix what ain’t broke, right?

My favorite bits..

Jamie finally telling not only Danny about what he knew about Joe’s death, but Frank and Henry too.

Henry telling about his history with the Templar, Frank admitting he’d never been much of a joiner and Danny admitting that he got in and out quick. I guess I should’ve realized they all would’ve been involved in one way or another.

Frank realizing he’d been fooled when he’d done his initial investigation into the Templars.

Jamie quietly accepting his father’s disapproval when Frank told him he should have brought him in a lot sooner.

Frank admitting that the news he’d just gotten was not the worse he could get, but it was close.

Being so happy that the guys brought in Erin on the Templar problem.

Danny saying that if Saddam had farted, Cliff would know it. Probably the one good laugh I got in this mostly dramatic episode.

Frank not hesitating for one second to call Malevsky and help Cliff confirm it was his voice on the tape.

Jamie saying that it would be a great day when he admitted he went to Harvard and it wasn’t followed by “Really?”

Frank counting down the seconds to when the deal he was offering would expire.

Jackie admitting that she’d walk on nails for Danny, but he was asking her to go against everything she believe in, and then relenting when he told her that they killed his brother.

Jamie talking about how, at all those family dinners, he never heard any of them talk about what they made, only about the job.

Being surprised when someone ran Jackie off the road. Jeesh, the Templars move fast.

Jamie stopping Laura’s kidnapping attempt after figuring out that her ‘friend’ knew more than he should.

Okay, wow. I never thought I’d hear AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell” on this show. But it definitely fit the moment, considering that’s where those dirty cops are headed.

Frank, Danny, Jamie and Jackie gathering outside the bar with an army of cops to back them up.

Frank walking into the room and demanding to know which of those bastards killed his son.

Really kinda hoping that someone would find a reason to shoot Malevsky, after he tried to claim that shooting Joe wasn’t “unwarranted.”

Oh, well I guess Malevsky did it for them. Is it wrong that I didn’t feel all that bad?

Danny asking Jamie if his brother’s hand had stopped shaking yet and then making a joke about him finally losing his cherry. Love me some brotherly camaraderie.

Everyone laughing when little Sean actually said ‘Grace’ and then arguing over who would get to say it for real.

The whole family holding hands and saying grace together.

This line nearly killing me: “I’d like to think he was with us last night. I know he is always with me.”

The sight of the entire family walking away from Joe’s grave

What did you think of the season finale of Blue Bloods “The Blue Templar” Episode 22? Are you worried about the changes that CBS is reportedly planning for the show? I’d love to hear from you!

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