THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Engagement Reaction” Review

THE BIG BANG THEORY The Prestidigitation Approximation Season 4 Episode 18

THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Engagement Reaction” Season 2 Episode 23 – This week Howard finally works up the courage to tell his mother that he’s engaged to Bernadette, leading to his mother having a suspected heart attack. It’s actually just food poisoning and she’s fine, but Bernadette’s upset that Howard thought his mother disliked her so much. Mama Wolowitz thinks she’s a sweet girl – and worryingly Bernadette seems to be a new Mama Wolowitz in the making.

The friends gather at the hospital during this little misunderstanding. Penny and Priya bond while seeking out good coffee and talking about Leonard’s skills in the sack. Raj tries to (and succeeds in) antagonizing Sheldon, and Sheldon gets a bit neurotic about people-germs and ends up getting himself quarantined after accidentally breaching someone else’s quarantine.

While this episode was enjoyable, it wasn’t as funny as the last few weeks have been. At times it felt more like setup for next week’s season finale and beyond than an episode in its own right – Howard and Bernadette’s wedding plans moving forward, Priya and Penny bonding (presumably to give Penny an ‘in’ back into the group). Raj delivered some amusing one-liners but I would still like to see him getting a proper multi-episode storyline like the other guys.

Howard’s Mom-watch LOTS this week! Mama Wolowitz went for lunch with Bernadette, got food poisoning, collapsed and was taken to hospital, and then made nice with Bernadette again. All without appearing on screen even once.

Quote/s of the episode:

Sheldon: “Have you been drinking it?”
Leonard: “Yes, it’s my water.”
Sheldon: “Well that’s it then. I’m dead.”

Priya: “Howard, you’ve got to tell your mother!”
Howard: “Hey, have you told your parents you’re dating this short glass of skimmed milk, here?”
Priya: “That’s different. First of all, we’re not engaged, and second, Indian parents are very protective of their children.”
Howard: “Right, whereas Jewish mother’s take a casual la-de-dah approach to their sons.”

Penny: “Oh, my god, you’re about to jibberjabber about jibberjabber.”

Howard: “What can I tell you? After I found the courage to put her pants back on I was unstoppable.”

Priya: “You know my brother had a group of friends like this in India. They dressed up in leotards and goggles and called themselves the New Delhi Power Rangers.”
Penny: “You mean when he was little?”
Priya: “Not as little as you would want him to be.”

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