Syfy Might Go Steampunk: Potential H.G. Wells WAREHOUSE 13 Spinoff in the Works

In potentially terrific news, Syfy is developing a WAREHOUSE 13 spinoff that focuses on the character of H. G. Wells. According to THR, Warehouse 13’s showrunner Jack Kenny, along with an unnamed writer, are in charge of the project, as part of Kenny’s development deal with Universal Cable Productions

H. G. Wells was a major character in the second season of Warehouse 13. She (Helena–her brother was just a front while she was the real writer) had been an agent for Warehouse 12 but was placed in suspended animation for causing all kinds of ruckus. After MacPherson released her, she worked with Pete and Myka while pursuing her own agenda.

The potential series would take place in the 1890s with Wells in a steampunk environment. Rather than joining Warehouse 12, she would solve mysteries on her own using her knowledge of contemporary science and getting help from a mechanical engineer and the police commissioner. Her methods and skills would then serve as the basis for the H. G. Wells stories as written by Helena’s brother.

There is no word if Jaime Murray (Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, Dexter), who gave such a layered performance as the delicious diabolical but also tragically tormented Wells, would star, but I don’t see how the project could work otherwise. She was just too good as Wells for anyone else to step in.

Would you watch a Helena G. Wells Warehouse 13 spinoff?