NIKITA “Pandora” Review

Nikita (CW) - Pandora

NIKITA “Pandora” Season 1 Episode 22 – Percy continues to weave his Operation Sparrow story, but doesn’t get the chance to finish it. It turns out his own personal mission was to become the head of the CIA. Unfortunately his days at Division seem to have come to an end. The season finale of NIKITA is set in an environment of chaos. What was up is now down; what was in is now out. Factions have split, and new players have taken over. Panic and desperation give way to the uneasy calm before the storm – quite literally, if you noted the closing shot of this final episode “Pandora”. If we get a second season (which I hope we do), it will come back with a completely different approach and vibe, and with completely different teams.

What happened on Nikita tonight? Life, death and rebirth. Nikita and Alex both die and come back to life, each in a different incarnation from what they were before. Michael walks into Division as a top agent, but leaves as a rogue agent. Birkhoff proves himself to be a worthy sidekick, not just a spineless brownnoser. Amanda manipulates her way to become head of Division. Power-hungry Percy has utterly failed on all fronts, leaving him where?

The scene where Nikita is kneeling and taken down by agents was effective and rather chilling. We have never seen her in such a submissive position before. There is defiance, reluctance, and resignation expressed in Nikita’s face. Even Percy looked shocked at how easy it was to grab her. Despite Alex’s accusation that Nikita is obsessed with getting revenge, Nikita seems to have mellowed due to her renewed relationship with Michael.

It appears that Alex will become the one with vengeance on her mind, specifically getting even with Sergei, the traitor. Surprisingly, Amanda gives Alex a boost of self-confidence and another boost of adrenaline. She also gives Alex her freedom, which is more than she did for Nikita. Alex is no longer the naive girl who we met at the beginning of the season. She has her own mind, voice and agenda now.

That was a great confrontation between Birkhoff and Michael! I wish the show had used Birkhoff more, perhaps next season they will. He has always played the role of a weak, annoying, arrogant computer genius, which I have found unbearable. But I admit he also has always seemed to genuinely like Nikita and Michael, but begrudgingly (out of fear, I suppose). His affection for them is evident when he un-cuffs Michael and calls Nikita by Niki, which really does not fit her. Amazing what being called a coward can do for a person. Birkhoff really pulled through for Michael and Nikita. Love him now – how fickle of me! I was especially amused by his observation, “If Nikita can continue to give this hell hole the finger, I can cross mine behind my back.”

Random thoughts:
Roan with his comic timing was unexpected but chuckle-worthy. He’s certainly not laughing when Nikita splashes him with the “cleaner solution,” but I kind of was. The Oversight meeting with the Admiral, Senator, Joint Chief (…the Professor and Mary Ann, here on Gilligan’s Isle) completely brought back memories of AMC’s Rubicon for me. What has become of Ryan?

True or False:
Nikita is the number one threat to Division and the government. Alex is under Amanda’s thumb. Birkhoff is on Nikita and Michael’s side. Percy, the errand boy, is out of the picture. (Perhaps Percy will turn into public enemy #1?!)

Good luck and goodbye!

What did you think of episode 22 “Pandora?” Do you want another season of Nikita? Comment below.

  • Mary

    I definetly would love another season!!

  • Mary

    I definetly would love another season!!


    I would love that it will be renewed for a second season. PLEASE ……………………………………….! 

  • birkhoff

    great episode, hoping for S-2