LAW & ORDER: LA and THE EVENT Cancelled

law and order la the event
There are two more victims in this year’s cancellation round for NBC. The network has just axed LAW & ORDER: LA and THE EVENT according to TVLine.

Neither one of these cancellations come as a surprise. The Event had been losing more and more viewers (me included) and it still doesn’t seem like we know what the heck is going on.

As for Law & Order: Los Angeles, well NBC tried to revamp it by getting rid of Skeet Ulrich and promoting Alfred Molina to detective. Unfortunately, that still didn’t do the trick.

With LOLA gone, we are left with only two Law & Order shows still on the air and that doesn’t even include the original, which was cancelled last May. However, even CI and SVU haven’t picked up yet, although SVU is getting close to a renewal.

So what do you think? Are you sad to see The Event go? What about LOLA? Do you think it deserved more of a chance or are you happy with CI and SVU?

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