CSI: NY “Exit Strategy” Review

CSI: NY “Exit Strategy”, Season 7 Episode 22 – CSI: NY began it’s seventh season finale this week with a thrilling drug bust on an apartment in Hell’s Kitchen. It was an odd way to begin “Exit Strategy”, as it really had no bearing on the rest of the case. All it really did was serve as a way to freak Mac out and put him on this personal mission of self-discovery.

SPOILER ALERT for those of you who have not watched the season finales of CSI: Miami or CSI: NY. If you haven’t caught up on your DVR for the other CSIs, you can skip to the next paragraph. It’s really impossible to review CSI: NY in a vacuum, when it really has to be compared to its counterparts. Here, the similarities are so strong I feel like it has to be discussed. The CSI: Miami finale ended with Horatio being shot, and the cliffhanger there was whether or not he’ll live until next season. The CSI finale had Langston being accused of murder, and the cliffhanger there was whether or not he’ll admit to the murder or not. In this finale, Mac is overwhelmed by the wear and tear his job has had on his life and questions whether or not he wants to continue being a cop. Three shows, three leading men, all of them having different crises that jeopardize their roles on the show. I know it’s not CSI: NY‘s fault that it airs after the other two, but it definitely feels pretty stale and unoriginal by now.

The other big issue with Mac threatening to quit is that there was really no major influence that would illicit such a strong response. He had some guy in the opening scene point a gun at his face, but it isn’t like this hasn’t happened to him a thousand times on this show. We were supposed to believe that he gets so shaken up over these kinds of occurrences that he can barely focus on his job, but there’s been no evidence of that on this show previously. Even when he told Jo at the end that this time was “different”, the only difference he noted is that the guy stared him “straight in the eyes”. Really? That’s what’s freaking you out so much? Has that never happened before or something?

I don’t know, the whole episode seemed pretty goofy. The case of the week was a cold case that hadn’t been solved for 9 years, and there was really no pressing reason to solve it now. This episode came off more as an average mid-season episode, and definitely didn’t feel like the season finale it was supposed to be. Hopefully this show gets renewed and is able to redeem itself in season eight!

Random Thoughts:

– How many times have we seen this in a movie or TV show: A bunch of cops are about to bust into an apartment of a suspect, and right before busting the door open we see somebody from one of the other apartments crack open their door to see what’s happening. Every time the police officer will tell them to be quiet and go back inside, and they usually do. You’d think after a while you would just stop checking the door!

– The first thing I’m going to teach my daughter is how to run and get our getaway bag to escape from the cops.

– I laughed out loud when Adam shined the light in his eyes during the last scene. I can honestly say that’s the first time I’ve ever laughed out loud while watching this show.