Could BREAKING IN Still Secure Spot on FOX Schedule?

BREAKING IN (FOX) Breaking Out

Fox’s new geektastic comedy BREAKING IN might not be quite as dead as we thought. Deadline says it has heard that FOX may reconsider its cancellation but will probably not make a final decision until after its upfront presentation to advertisers next week.

It seems FOX is currently in talks with Sony Entertainment, which produces Breaking In, about finding a place for the show on its fall schedule. If this pans out, it would be Breaking In’s second resurrection. FOX passed on it during last year’s pilot season despite it testing well. After Sony extended its options on the actors, FOX relented and ordered the series for midseason. Only Family Guy has ever survived two axings, so let’s hope Breaking In can follow that very successful show’s lead.

Of the five cancellations FOX made Tuesday, Breaking In was probably the most surprising. Its premiere ranked as the highest-rated Fox non-animated comedy telecast in over three years and held more of American Idol‘s audience than any other sitcom had in four years. While its numbers had slipped a bit, its strong performance and very short run had experts thinking the show was a shoo-in for the fall schedule.

Anyone else happy at the thought that Breaking In might just be mostly dead rather than all dead? If so, do your part and watch the season finale on FOX Wednesday, May 18 at 9:30pm eastern/8:30 central.

  • Anonymous

     OMG this is the best news! I’m usually not one to get excited about this kind of info as it almost never pans out, but I just can’t help it. I’d LOVE it if they brought it back! I think it deserves another shot. 

  •  Yes! Fingers crossed, I’m hoping FOX gives it another shot.

  • T

    I was really surprised that FOX decided to announce this as cancelled.  It’s ratings seemed fairly decent so I figured it would get picked up for at least half a season.

  • this is the second best news i could hear….
    the best would be hearing that it has been renewed
    fingers crossed

  • Anonymous

    I hope Sony and FOX can make this work.

  • Tasha

    In the words of Miracle Max– “mostly dead is still slightly alive”. So yes, so happy that there’s still a chance that Breaking In will be renewed! 😀  Will definitely be sure to tune in Tuesday– hope that new time slot helps!! 

  • Pat

    Everyone be aware, that they changed the night – it is on Tuesday, TONIGHT – at 9:30 pm!