CSI “In a Dark, Dark House” Review

CSI “In a Dark, Dark House”, Season 11 Episode 22 – CSI began its intense season finale, “In a Dark, Dark House”, right where last week’s episode ended. Ray is being held captive at gunpoint by his arch nemesis, Nate Haskell, and we were all so worried last week about what would happen! Would Ray be able to talk his way out? Could he keep Haskell from harming him until back-up arrived? Would Haskell kill Ray’s ex-wife, or worse, would Ray finally meet his end?

Well, it turns out we don’t really have to worry about any of that. Ray got the jump on Haskell, beat him within an inch of his life, and threw him over the banister to his death all before the credits. It was definitely disappointing that such a major villain was killed in such an anti-climactic way, and even more disappointing that they seemed to rush through this major milestone just to get to a rather ridiculous internal affairs investigation.

I get that this show is a drama, and I applaud CSI for trying to break away from its formula by delivering more of a personal tale of regret and revenge with Ray, but I don’t think it was a good idea for a season finale episode. Especially if the whole dramatic angle was so cliche and unbelievable. The idea that an Internal Affairs officer would even think of accusing a police officer of murder for killing a wanted serial killer after he had abused your ex-wife and held you at gunpoint is ludicrous. We know he’s not going to be found responsible for any crimes, and we as viewers are rooting for Ray to be found innocent and rooting for the death of Haskell, so it’s obvious to me what will happen.

The “mystery” element of this episode was also very unsatisfying. There was no pressing issue here. There were no killers on the loose, no victims being held against their will, and really no reason to care about anything they found at the house. Both of the killers were dead, and all of the victims were long gone, so there really wasn’t any suspense here. We know that these were bad people, we didn’t need any more evidence of that, so all of the bodies being dug up in the back yard really didn’t go anywhere.

I feel conflicted about this episode. On one hand, I don’t want CSI to be so predictable. If I had to predict what would happen on the season finale episode, having watched last week, I would have guessed that Haskell would keep Ray and Gloria hostage at gunpoint and be just about to kill one or both of them right before help arrived in the 11th hour. Haskell would have been killed or arrested with minutes left in the episode, and everybody would have gone home happy. That would have been predictable, and I would have seen the ending coming from a mile away. On the other hand, I did not predict that one of the biggest villains in CSI history would be killed off-screen in the first few minutes of the season finale and the rest of the episode would be a boring piece of drama. Overall, I would have to say I would have preferred excitement over substance. With a season finale episode, you want to be on the edge of your seat, excitedly fast-forwarding through the commercials to see what happens next. I definitely didn’t get that here, and that made it a boring episode of TV for me and an overall let-down of a season finale. Hopefully season 12 puts this disappointment behind them when we see what happens next in the fall.

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Random Thoughts:

– Being a huge fan of LOST, I was pretty pumped to see Rose playing Gloria’s mom. Although, I’m a little confused why everybody else from that show hasn’t been working that much. Remember when LOST ended and everybody thought the actors were going to be such hot commodities? Now Daniel Dae Kim is on Hawaii 5-0, and Jorge Garcia is on the new JJ Abrams show Alacatraz, but everybody else hasn’t been doing much. Although I did love Josh Holloway’s cameo on Community last week.

– Remind me to never be a door-to-door salesman.

– Laurence Fishburn’s contract goes through next season, so I’m pretty sure he’ll get out of this sticky situation. Knowing about actor contract terms really doesn’t make cliffhangers like this a lot less exciting.