HAPPY ENDINGS “The Girl with the David Tattoo/You’ve Got Male” Review


HAPPY ENDINGS “The Girl with the David Tattoo/You’ve Got Male” Episode 8 & 9 – Tonight it was time for another double feature, which means another double review.

First up was “The Girl with the David Tattoo” where Dave gets tired of making up reasons why he has the name ‘Alex’ tattooed on his back and decides to have it removed, only to discover that Alex still has her tattoo of his name on her hip. So they decide to get them removed together but in the end decide it’s too painful, as in physically.

My favorite bits……

Max practically going into anaphylactic shock at the sight of a plate of tomatoes.

80/20 my ass. Jane totally kept that number because she is completely obsessive compulsive.

All the various ways that Dave came up with to explain his ‘Alex’ tattoo.

Finding out just how much v-neck tees play a part in Dave’s life.

Alex regretting her use of the word “playa” immediately after she said it.

Dave telling Alex to ignore the really long apologetic text he going to send, because he just had to do it.

Max informing the guy at the movie that he did NOT want get into a “bro-off” with him.

The little song Alex made up while dusting.

The way Alex marched into the doctor’s office and basically dropped trous to show Dave that she still had the tattoo.

Totally not blaming Max for dumping that dude. Braided belt? Really?

Next up it was time for “You’ve Got Male” where Dave’s old high school teacher, Al, comes back into his life and seems uber cool. That is until Penny goes out with him and discovers he’s not so much. Meanwhile Max may have found himself Mr. Right, but finds out that he also happens to own the coffee shop that Max has been helping to shut down with Alex. Talk about awkward.

My favorite bits…

Max asking Dave to show him on the coffee cup where the bad man touched him.

Penny trying out “slawsome.”

Wait. Is it wrong to have Jay Mohr as your go-to for cool?

Finding out that gay guys apparently call each other ‘dude’ and ‘dawg.’

Alan referring to himself as a mind shaper.

“Truck the truckies!”

Alan saying that he would leave if Penny wrote him a check for a grand, tops.

Dave saying that he and Al were like free spirits and then…..howling?

The way Brad said “oooh!” when Ian said he was gay.

Coffee cup guy panicking and hiding himself into his foam when he heard the Max’s voice.

Brad’s heartfelt speech to Ian about how was “just a guy.” Awwwww, so cute….well, until we found out he was married with three kids.

What did you think of these episodes of Happy Endings? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Anonymous

    I found it hilarious how they all kept asking Dave if his teacher molested him.