BREAKING IN “Breaking Out” Review

BREAKING IN (FOX) Breaking Out

BREAKING IN “Breaking Out” Episode 6 – I was going to try really hard to do this review without mentioning the fact that The Powers That Be over at FOX decided to cancel this awesome, amazing, wondering, fantastic, superb (okay, okay I’ll stop now with the adjectives) show, but I just couldn’t. The fact that we’re never going to see more than 8 episodes of this series just makes me want to cry. I seriously love every episode more than the last and usually laugh out loud multiple times during each. Hell, tonight I laughed so hard I cried, no lie (NOTE: refer to nicknames for Cam below).

Alright enough belly-aching from me. Not that I don’t have more to say but there’s nothing I can say that will change anything or make me feel any better so how about let’s just get on with the review, eh?

After the team screws the pooch on a job for KFC and doesn’t manage to steal their super-secret recipe, Oz decides that it’s time for a little team building. Luckily it doesn’t involve any hand grenades (this time) but he does lock everyone up in the office all weekend and challenges them to get themselves out. Everyone pretty much goes stir
-crazy in less than 24 hours and it’s only after Oz stages a fake accident that supposedly threatens Cam’s life, does the team finally pull it together.

My favorite bits..

“Open you eye-holes and shut your pie-holes.”

Well of course KFC’s secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices is the most treasured document of our time. Was there ever any doubt of that?

Actually finding it really romantic that Dutch got down on one knee and asked Melanie to move in with him, complete with a key in a jewelry box.

Poor Cash having to spy on Josh and Anna as they planned their date.

Loving Cash’s “You Dun Doofed” tee.

“Hey Cam, check out my new belt buckle…Oh! Got ya.”

Cash’s Josh imitation.

Oh man, that bucket of chicken so making me hungry. I hate to admit it, but I do sometimes crave me some KFC.

Oz telling everyone that they fingerlicked it up pretty darn good.

“Chicken is for closers!”

Not being the least bit surprised to find out that Oz installed a safe word into Dutch (kinda like River in Serenity).

Everyone running away from Cash with that grenade under his neck.

“I’ve been polishing my helmet all week.” (pulls out helment) “Oh thank God, it’s an actual helmet.”

Finding out that Josh panic eats.

Dutch coming up with his brilliant plan to first fix the van and then try to drive it through the door.before promptly passing out.

“Get the flux capacitor out of here.”

Actually beginning to think that Dutch wasn’t completely off in his assumption that Cam was gay, after seeing all the evidence against him.

Laughing my ass off at all the stuff written on the board. Some of my personal favorites were “Crotch Rot”, “Douche Rocket”,”Camshaft”, “Camosexual” and “Ball Sauce”.
(yes I paused the DVR to read the board, what of it?)

Dutch Sasquatching himself. (who knew that word could become a verb?)

Oh noes! Cam can’t die!

Cam slowly but surely losing his mind..and admitting that he loves Melanie.

Cam pointing out that one of the reasons he loves Melanie is that every song on her iPod is good, which is unheard of.

“Damn this Adonis-like torso!”

“How could you be monitoring my core temperature?” “Well I certainly haven’t implanted a chip in you, if that’s what you’re insinuating.”

Oz grabbing Melanie and Cam and pulling them back into the office after informing them it was already Monday.

What did you think of this episode of Breaking In? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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