THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER “Young At Heart” Season 3 Episode 21 – Most of my amusement derived from this show comes from a perverse reading of the title of the episode. Last week was “Moving In, Moving Out” the week before that it was “Deeper and Deeper”. This week “Young At Heart” provides little of the humor which made me find the last two episodes not completely heinous. I seriously think it was my immature humor which got me through the last two episodes.

“I feel like God has blessed me,” Adrian tells Grace, because (and this is literally the reason why) her beau is awesome in bed and she’s totally thankful that she managed to luck out in that the guy who knocked her up happens to be compatible with her in bed. God is pretty awesome like that.

Meanwhile, Adrian decides to piss all over her own self respect by turning her relationship with Ben into a sex fuelled competition with Amy and Ricky. After weeks of pushing her away, Ricky is finally desperate for some Amy time, which she is not giving in to.

Grace has an awful stink eye. She gets all snarky with Jack and their conversation is actually unbelievable: he tells her that the best night of her light was the night her father died, which also happened to be the night that she first had sex. OH MY GOD! It is so mind boggling to me that someone actually sat down and wrote that conversation and then decided to put that on television.

Grace meets Grant’s father, and it becomes another one of The Sopranos/The Secret Life Of The American Teenager crossovers. He ends the episode singing in Grace’s living room and The Secret Life of the American Teenager ends with a musical montage as Amy and Rick hit balls at the driving range.

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  • ABCFamily

    Thanks for sharing
    your review on Monday’s episode! Did anyone else tune-in? Do you agree with
    Ciara’s thoughts about Adrian?

  • GingerLove55

    The whole Grant’s dad singing with Grace/Grant dancing, along with that scene of Tom stalker-like “romancing” of Adrian, “Just Say Me” and every scene involving/mentioning Marshall’s death have to be the in the top ten cringe-worthy scenes I’ve seen in a TV show or Movie in my 17 years of life!