SMALLVILLE Series Finale Spoilers and Speculations

SMALLVILLE lex luthor finale
This morning I took a trip down the CW to not only take a sneak peek at the series (snif) finale of SMALLVILLE, but also talk to executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders about the highly anticipated finale.

The sneak peek was a special finale promo prepared especially for the press attending (sorry it’s not something that you will get to see), but that said I can do the next best thing, talk about what I saw.

I was given the green light to share with you some of what was shown in the promo, so here are some spoilers and speculations on the Smallville series finale based on the screening. Needless to say, if you want everything to be a surprised, stop reading now!

[Update: The CW has asked us to cut down a few things, sorry if you missed some of it, I guess you’ll have to see it all in the finale!]

– The Darkseid apocalypse is not coming, it’s already here!

– Lois and Clark fans, don’t worry, he will not let Lois go that easily. In fact, I can tell you that we will be seeing Lois in a wedding dress. However, it looks like some disturbance might cut the wedding short.

– Chloe is back and we will get some sort of closure for her character.

– Peterson and Souders mentioned that there would be some explanation as to the presence of Jonathan Kent, which I’m sure a lot of you are excited about. I for sure would like to find out what his presence means.

– Of course, after all the previews shown, we know that Lex returns in the finale, but there are going to be some “big twists.”

Is that Clark flying?!!! Ok maybe not, but I’m pretty sure it was him floating, which leads me to say… he will fly, but that’s just my own speculation/hope.

– There is a hint that the Superman costume will be involved in the finale, but that could be the power of editing. My take? They have to put Clark in the costume, they have to.

I have chills!!

And that’s only part of it. Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders also had tons more to say, but that will be put up closer to the finale. I do hope that I have given you enough to chew on.

And so don’t forget to tune in this Friday, May 13, at 8pm for the epic 2-hour series finale of Smallville on The CW.