Netflix Reviving the Dead? Company Considers Saving Cancelled TV Shows

Netflix logo

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has indicated that Netflix could conceivably expand its internet subscription service by giving cancelled or low-rated shows a second chance, reports In the same way that DirecTV made deals with NBC and FX, thereby extending Friday Night Lights and Damages, Netflix may work with broadcasters and cable networks to keep alive TV shows that are doing well on Netflix.

With the number of on-demand services available now, this seems a perfect opportunity for Netflix to distinguish itself from competition by jumping in with options that other companies don’t offer. In fact, states that “DirecTV has decided against doing more show-saving deals in the future.” The number of shows on TV makes it impossible for viewers to watch all of them when they air live, often leaving critically acclaimed shows with low viewership to fall by the wayside. But when available through streaming services, the audience is able to start watching a show, catch up on missed episodes, and be enticed to continue watching on live show airings. Win-win for networks and Netflix!

What do you think of Netflix possibly starting this venture? This would have been (or would be?) great for shows such as Firefly or Stargate Universe.