HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Landmarks” Review

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Landmarks” Season 6 Episode 23 – What did you think of tonight’s episode? All I can say is good riddance Zoey! I was one of her biggest fans at first but I started to get annoyed with her last week. Then, after what she did tonight, I’m completely over her. Not only did she pit Ted against Barney, but she also publicly humiliated him knowing that it would end not only his career but Barney’s as well. I also thought it was shady that she showed up to the hearing with the tape recorded voice of Ted. She must have suspected him of changing his mind all along and came prepared with the evidence to take him down.

I also was disappointed in Ted and Marshall at the beginning for trying to help out Zoey – whatever happened to bro code? There was one thing mentioned tonight that I got a bit excited about. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the group opened a bar? I guess it would be a little too “It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia” if they did, but it would be neat anyway.

Overall, I thought tonight’s episode was okay, but not one of my favorites of the season. Now that we are at about the end of the season I’ve been thinking of some of my favorite episodes. A few of my personal favorites included “Bad News”, “Natural History” and “Blitzgiving”. What were yours?

So the big How I Met Your Mother finale is next week and I think we all know what to expect. My guess is they will end Season 6 with the wedding and we’ll (hopefully) get a glimpse of the mom when Ted meets her at the wedding. Do you think they’ll show her next week or make us wait until next season (or even longer)?

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