GOSSIP GIRL “Shattered Bass” Review

GOSSIP GIRL “Shattered Bass” Season 4 Episode 21 – What did you think of tonight’s episode? I’m so glad they brought Charlie into the show because Gossip Girl really didn’t have enough crazy, manipulative, women in the cast….oh wait. Let’s talk more about tonight’s show by diving into the characters:

Serena: Serena’s cousin is crazy! I’m a little surprised that it took Serena this long to notice. I just hope she can put a stop to Charlie before she goes over the edge. Also, Vanessa has a lot of nerve calling Serena given her past behavior towards her. Vanessa is going to have to do something huge to redeem herself in my opinion. Do you thinking outing Charlie for being nuts is enough?

Chuck: I was so shocked when Jack and Nate turned out to be on Chuck’s side the whole time. It was a nice, and welcome change of pace to see Chuck get along with Jack. I hope to see more of it in the future. Also, I didn’t see that coming with Russell, he killed his own wife! What a scum bag! Now that Chuck has his company back, all he needs is the girl. Do you think Blair should forgive him? Do you think Russell will give them the chance?

Blair: The more I thought about it last week, the more I felt that Blair deserved to be with Louis. She always schemes so hard and when she finally get what she wants, she gets cold feet. In my opinion, she should take her step dad’s advice and tell Louis everything and go live happily ever after. Of course, we all know that is probably not what will really happen.

Nate: I felt that Nate had every right to walk out on Chuck at the beginning of the episode, but I was still pleasantly surprised when he came to Chuck’s aid at the end. I was also surprised when he told Raina the truth about her father. He should have thought about it more before he told her. His actions might have put both Blair and Chuck in danger. I don’t think Nate will be able to maintain his friendship with Chuck and carry on a relationship with Raina.

Dan: Who do you think Dan should ultimately end up with? So far his past dating experience (for the most part) been made up of Serena (who is his step-sister, sick) and then a string of psychos (Vanessa, Georgina, and Charlie). I actually liked the idea of Blair and Dan but that didn’t last very long at all. Personally, I’m hoping that in the season finale next week, Dan doesn’t end up with anybody and the writers find a nice, normal, girl for him next season. At least he had the sense to head for the hills when Charlie wanted to be called Serena.

So, next week’s finale looks freaking awesome. If you didn’t see it the sneak peek at the end, *spoiler alert*. Can you believe that Georgina is coming back? I can’t wait to see what she’s been up to. Last season ended up Chuck getting shot – how do you think the Gossip Girl writers will top themselves this season?

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