THE CLEVELAND SHOW “Your Show of Shows” Review

THE CLEVELAND SHOW Your Show of Shows Season 2 Episode 22 (6)

THE CLEVELAND SHOW “Your Show of Shows” Season 2, Episode 22 – The opening from tonight’s episode of The Cleveland Show will probably give me nightmares about raccoons for a little while. I can’t seem to get the image of a raccoon holding the skinned off face of Harv Williams out of my head and it was definitely darker humor than I’ve seen on The Cleveland Show in a while.

The demise of “Picking on Raccoons” host, Harv Williams, meant that Cleveland got to try his hand at being a public access star. When Cleveland is trying to be funny, he tells terrible jokes and does horrible impressions, I’m not even sure how his friends find him funny, but he gets a chance to be a daytime talk show host. After his first attempt was received with terrible reviews and he has a mental breakdown in the bathroom, he realizes the best way to succeed in daytime television is to make a hit “chick talk show.” Cleveland shows up on set wearing a pink suit and pink shoes and lists off topics women supposedly love talking about: “kids, mothers, shopping, chocolate, white wine, loneliness, bulimia, drinks” and then has Roberta come on as his first guest to talk about periods and tampons followed by Kendra for the makeover segment. My first thought after watching this bit was that The Cleveland Show was being totally sexist in it’s portrayal of the kind of television women like. Then again, I don’t really watch daytime television so for all I know, Cleveland was right on the mark about what daytime talk shows are like so if that’s the case, that’s some disappointing TV.

At the same time Rallo, Bernard and Theodore enlisted the help of Murray to write them a winning hip hop song for the talent show. This storyline wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t quite as funny as I expected it to be with the characters involved. They took advantage of some obvious jokes and I’d say the best part was in the actual performance of the songs that Murray wrote for them. I cracked up when they finally came onto Cleveland’s show and performed their updated version of the rap and got Cleveland canceled to the tune of censor bleeps.

I loved some of the little gags that were scattered throughout the episode especially, Cleveland being a Mister Potato Head with Rallo changing his expressions for him. The pacing of the episode overall was done well and for as bad as Cleveland’s jokes were at the beginning, this turned out to be a pretty good episode of The Cleveland Show.