LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT “The Consoler” Season 10 Premiere Episode 2

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 10 premiere

This episode of Law and Order: CI “The Consoler” was intended to be the first episode of this final season but USA changed the schedule and put the “Rispetto” episode instead. “The Consoler” is the real first time where Bobby comes back in action and boy, does he bring it home in this episode. I saw an advance copy of the episode and it’s going to be pure CI awesomness.

Episode Synopsis: Goren and Eames must determine if a banker was murdered or committed suicide. They discover the bank’s only client is the Catholic Church and dig into a scandal and cover-up linked to the murder. Catch the premiere of “The Consoler” guest-starring Neal McDonough, Sunday, May 8 at 9/8C!

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