LAW AND ORDER: CI “The Consoler” Review

LAW AND ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT “The Consoler” Season 10 Episode 2 – It’s the second episode of the final season of Law and Order: CI. Law and Order is possibly television’s most successful franchise–we’ll see if CSI can stick it out for another decade-and for good reason. It has a lock solid formula: likable if uncomplicated characters investigate crimes. Usually, half of the show features the cops, half the lawyers, but CI is different in that it’s totally focused on one story: you really can’t even call the subplot involving Goren’s concerns over his own mental state a proper B-story.

So I’m going to be upfront with you: I haven’t watched this show in years. It was my least favorite of the Law and Orders: it’s essentially a vehicle for Vincent D’Onofrio to show off his character’s ticks while Eames looks alternatively bemused and impressed.

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to figure out what the hell is going on. It turned out I had nothing to be worried about: sure, there’s a little bit of a back story involving a therapist and Robert Goren’s psychosis which has the big guys “upstairs” nervous, but aside from that it’s business as usual in a Law and Order case.

This week’s case delved into the possible suicide or possible murder of a young woman whose work involved settling cases with abuse victims of the Catholic Church.

Goren goes through the usual ropes of investigating the crime, and Eames goes through the usual ropes of following him around. The case culminates in a two pronged attack by Goren (in the latter attack the writers weren’t even bothered with putting Eames in the room!) where he nails a priest by having him rat himself out to the Cardinal (though I’d say that the New York City Cardinal would be hard pressed to come down to the police station to listen to some snot nosed underling whinge about his failure to abide by the churches’ rules regarding celibacy: a priest having sex with an adult consenting woman really cannot be on the Vatican’s list of high priority scandals. Not even close to the top thousand.) and then Goren has a colleague of the victim’s confess to intercepting money which was meant to be paid out to a victim of the church’s abuse. The twist? He was a victim of abuse too. Oh, and he killed her. Boo.

Of the few I have see, it wasn’t the best case Law and Order: CI have pull out, mainly because I guessed it was the creepy handsome guy immediately, from the sentence: “Nobody on that site could measure up to Teresa…and God wasn’t available.” Guilty! Worst. Chatup Line. Ever. As with any mystery show, if you guess the perpetrator and turn out to be right, then half the fun is gone. Still, it was relatively enjoyable. If I come across as unenthusiastic about this episode, well, then I guess I was pretty unenthusiastic about this episode.

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