SMALLVILLE “Prophecy” Review


The penultimate episode of Smallville played like the penultimate episode to a lot of series finales: it was the build up: a break up, a suit encased in ice, the setup to Clark taking up the mantle of his destiny. It was also, I hate to say, a bit of a let down.

In “Prophecy” (Season 10 Episode 20), Erica Durance has constantly delivered in her performance as Lois Lane. She and the writers turned her from a pretty, booby catalyst into a savvy, sexy…well, okay, she’s still a catalyst, but that’s less the fault of the writers of Smallville and Durance, more the makeup of her character: Lois Lane is and always will be Clark’s Achilles heel. Which is why this episode was so disappointing as it back-pedalled into a manufactured narrative that seemed completely inorganic and totally convoluted.

The concept of this episode is something I’ve always hoped to see: for a day, Clark is stripped of his superpowers, which are given to Lois Lane, so she can experience what it’s really like to be the Blur. It’s a cool premise and it was handled wonderfully-for the first half of the episode.

Smallville managed to get in some very humorous moments: Lois returning to the café with a bullet hole in her blazer was a nice touch, and her initial excitement had her zipping in and out of her office at the Daily Planet (seriously, nobody saw her?) like a six year old with a sugar rush.

My main problem with this episode came when Lois exchanged her free will for Clark’s safety. I get why she did it, and it was mainly Durance’s tearful break up with Clark that almost sold the whole freaking episode to me. But wow, the sudden turnaround as Lois sacrifices herself for Clark was not only selfish and reckless, but also stupid. She has superpowers? Couldn’t she have ripped open the bars of the prison cell and jammed them down his throat? Couldn’t she have carried Clark to a secret location? Couldn’t she have fought off the villainous assassins? Why the hell did she allow the Toymaker to hijack her powers?

In the B-story, Oliver and Kara team up with Oliver’s stubble to find Orion’s Bow. It was a standard sort of mythological quest with puzzles to solve, and Ollie and Kara have nice chemistry.

The show bid farewell to Kara, and Oliver found Orion’s Bow…but at the cost of delivering gold krypton to Granny Goodness. Oh joy.

I was expecting a lot more from the penultimate episode of Smallville, and this one left me seriously disappointed. It’s not that I’m disappointed about where Lois and Clark’s relationship ended up in this episode-I’m more disappointed in how it ended up there.

Random Thoughts…

I know Lois would not be getting into any battles by the way she was dressed. You don’t find crime in a pencil skirt.

I said it before, but I think Jusin Hartley’s stubble should get some extra appreciatin.

Hopefully next week, the two hour finale, will bode some awesome results.

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