BLUE BLOODS “Cellar Boy” Review

Blue Bloods (CBS) CELLAR BOY

It was so said more than once in this episode that a murder is that much harder when you know the people involved. Turns out it’s not only hard when you know the victims, but the suspects as well. I think that the Reagans are probably one of the most functional families around that was glaringly obvious when compared to the family of their friends. Kids who murder their parents for the money and blame it on their strung-out younger brother, these are not things you would see from the Reagans.

Meanwhile Frank is fighting with the Mayor over the budget and refuses to run his department without enough money to make the city safe. I love how, unlike everyone else around him, Frank isn’t interested in the politics of his job enough to worry whether or not important people like him. All he wants is to do his job and keep people safe and even instructs his speech writer to stop thinking of swelling music when he writes for him, because he’s a police commissioner and not a politician.

Finally, there was a lot of movement on the Blue Templar story when Jamie meets up with Lydia’s twin sister Yolanda and gets a package that Lydia left for him in case anything happened. Not only that but Malevsky and a goon from IA see to it that his gun is stolen so that they can check him out. They decide he’s a liability and try to take him out but luckily that old Chevelle is as strong as an ox and he survives the crash after they cut his break lines.

When it’s all over though, Jamie rightly concludes that it’s time to get other people involved and finally tells Danny about what he knows. Looks like the whole family is going to be involved in the finale and at last I am feeling some excitement for this storyline.

My favorite bits……

Frank admitting that sometimes he couldn’t escape the fact that his son was killed on his watch.

Knowing immediately that something was wrong when both Frank’s cell and his home phone went off at once.

A father calling kid “Cellar Boy”? Nice. Suddenly I don’t feel quite as sorry for the guy.

Renzulli asking Jamie not to make him drool over the Chevelle. Yeah, I’m right there with you Renzulli.

Renzulli telling Jamie, if he wanted to mess with him, he wouldn’t steal his gun, he’d steal his car. LOL.

Danny knowing immediately that Ronny was distraught over his parent’s death and wanted to commit suicide by cop.

Ronny pointing out how his father was two different men inside and outside the house.

Frank and Garrett discussing how to get around the Mayor’s refusal to move on the budget…..while not actually discussing it.

Erin spotting that, through all his bravado, Ronny was on the verge of tears.

Erin telling her dad that Ronny was her first kiss.

I’m with Danny. If they have proof that the murder was planned, then it can’t be Ronny, just based on what we know of him already.

Danny noticing that Al’s answer was very well thought out.

Al trying to say that he and Danny were in the same shoes as they were both taking orders from their old men. Yeah, I really don’t see Frank and Danny’s relationship like that.

Frank telling his grandkids that dads shouldn’t call their kid’s names and the boys pointing out that it was like a bully. From the mouths of babes….

“Yeah boys, don’t call anyone names. But feel free to swear at the table.” – Ha, she had a great point there.

“Careful, I ended up on my hands and knees on my night.”
“Thanks for the visual.” – Yeah, same here, LOL.

Okay so I’m no expert on case, but shouldn’t it have started slowing down a lot more when he took his foot off the gas? Seems like he went really far, really fast, for quite a while. Then again, I guess it wouldn’t have been half as scary if he’d just coasted to a stop.

Danny literally catching murderers red-handed (from the blood on the knife). That was great.

Finding out just how devious those two were, not only by murdering their own parents but with all the ways that they had devised to set up their brother for it.

Ronny telling Erin how lucky she was to have the family she did.

Jamie finally letting Danny in on what he knew about Joe and the Blue Templars.

What did you think of this episode of Blue Bloods? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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