FRINGE “The Day We Died” Review

FRINGE The Day We Died Review

After the explosive ending of “The Last Sam Weiss”, FRINGE is back with its third season finale “The Day We Died” (Season 3 Episode 22). Peter has finally entered the Doomsday Device, but suddenly finds himself in a future that is very different than the place from where he came. It’s 2026 and our world looks anything but saved, in fact it looks like the end of days. Does saving the world today mean its destruction tomorrow? Can the Fringe team succeed where Walternate failed?

At the beginning of the episode, it appears that when Peter used the device he destroyed the alterverse, but that just lead to more vortexes in our world. Fifteen years later, it’s 2026 and things have changed in some interesting ways. Some are small, like Astrid is now sporting straight hair, others are pretty damn big, like Walter being imprisoned for having caused the original wormholes. While we get the joy of hearing that Peter and Olivia did tie the knot and seeing Olivia’s niece, Ella as a new Fringe agent, it also comes with knowing that many loved ones have been lost due to the wormholes. The world is a dark place where hope is fading while the Fringe team continues to try to stop the wormholes.

To make things worse, there is a terrorist named Moreau that can create wormholes using technology that no one can understand. Peter and Olivia bring in Walter back to his lab from prison to study one of the terrorist devices, and what he finds leads Peter to find the source of the devices, Walternate. Right before the alterverse was destroyed, he made one last trip to our universe to ask for help, but time ran out and he was stuck in our universe. He setup Moreau with the devices to take revenge on Peter for destroying his world. If that wasn’t enough, Walternate decides to make things even more painful for Peter by murdering Olivia, in this season’s most OMG moment.

As the rest of the Fringe team grieves, Walter comes up with a possible solution to their situation. Send the doomsday device back in time using the wormholes to 250 million years in the past, and program it to send Peter’s consciousness into the future so he can see what happens and how he can prevent it. Apparently this whole future has been playing out in Peter’s head for the 60 seconds he was connected to the doomsday device. Peter uses the knowledge gained to create a bridge between the two universes at Liberty Island, allowing Walternate and Walter to work together to fix both universes. Peter suddenly disappears, and we see The Observers outside our Statue of Liberty glad to see that Peter has fulfilled his purpose and is no more. That’s where they end the season, and million of viewers screaming “Nnnoooooooooooo!!!” at their TVs.

If I was rating this episode on a scale from 1-10, I would give “The Day We Died” a 17. If there is one thing you can count on with Fringe, its that they will deliver an amazing Season Finale. Season 1 had Olivia making it to the alterverse to meet William Bell, Season 2 had the Fringe team return from “over there” with Peter but not Olivia, and now this episode which blows the other two completely out of the water. The recap I did above doesn’t even begin to cover all the incredible events and surprises that happened in this episode.

Let’s start by talking about the great acting in tonight’s episode. I’ve been singing Anna Torv’s praises all season and tonight was no exception, but Noble delivered an amazing performance as future Walter and Walternate. What got me was how well he covered the range of both roles, from Walter’s fragility and emotional moments to the cold, calculated style of Walternate. The John Noble Emmy campaign should submit this episode, and if he’s not nominated there’s no justice in the world (same is true if Anna Torv isn’t nominated). Joshua Jackson was also very strong, even I was tearing up when he was grieving for Olivia.

Then there is the incredibly amazing story that was crafted by Fringe writers Akiva Goldsman, JH Wyman, and Jeff Pinkner. Just as with the alterverse, the best part of the future world story was the information the writers didn’t provide. How did Broyles lose his eye? How did Walter end up in jail? Why did Olivia get a Viking style funeral? What happened in Detroit? I think this helped draw viewers into the story and also left the door open for some of these topics to be explored at a later date. Then the real kicker was the twist at the end with Peter. I kind of guessed the whole this future is happening while Peter is still in the device thing, but connecting the two universes and then having Peter disappear? Consider my mind officially blown. Can’t wait to see what they will do with this in Season 4.

On a final note, I also wanted to call out the excellent work done by the makeup/visual crews on this episode. The work they did to age the characters was brilliant, it looked incredibly natural and not over the top. I even liked how Joshua Jackson’s hairline was altered a little to look like Walter/Walternate. The special effects were also very nicely done, none really stood out as looking of place or low quality. I’m not sure what happened to Broyles eye (is it a bionic eye?), but visually it looked cool and made you wonder what hell happened in the 15 years we jumped forward.

Favorite Parts of Tonight’s Episode:

– Future Olivia: Married to Peter, has the telekinesis under control, heads up Fringe Division, and has found clothing that is neither black or gray

– Gray Introduction: Speaking of gray, the new intro was awesome. Some of the topics shown: Brain Porting, Thought Extraction, Dual Maternity, and Biosuspension. Two interesting words that also flashed on the screen with Biosuspension: Water and Hope. Brings up a whole new set of questions doesn’t it?

– Ella commenting on how there are no more happy endings: It was a brilliant tie in to “Brown Betty” (Season 2 Episode 20), where she told Walter that stories always had to have a happy ending

– Olivia’s burial scene: It stirred incredible emotions and was visually stunning, but why did they do it Viking style and burn the coffin?

Now that you’ve heard from me, I’d like to know what did you think of tonight’s season finale? What was your favorite part? What do you think happened to Peter? Where do you think Season 4 will take us? Let me know in the comments section, I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for taking the time to come by and check out our reviews here at Daemon’s TV, not only tonight but for this entire season. We appreciate your comments and feedback, and look forward to talking some more Fringe when it comes back in the fall.

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