Parks and Recreation “Eagleton” Review

Parks and Recreation (NBC) Eagleton

Parks and Recreation “Eagleton”, Season 3 Episode 11 – Hey everyone! Your regular reviewer is out this week, so I will be covering Parks and Recreation for you guys! So just a little background for you guys on how I feel about this show. I was not a fan of it during the first season, thinking it came off more as a clone of The Office. However, since Greg Daniels came over to Parks and Recreation in season 2, this show has slowly grown into the funniest show on television. Thankfully, “Eagleton” carried on the solid tradition of hilarious episodes that we’ve come to expect from the great season 3.

What this show does best is give us an in-depth look at all of the crazy parts of the Pawnee government. The book-jockeys of the library, the loud-talking park safety department, the fourth floor, etc. We’ve always been hearing about Eagleton, the rival town of Pawnee, but have never actually seen the town or any of its inhabitants. Until now.

Parker Posey did a great job this week as Lindsay, who was basically the Eagleton version of Leslie Knope. Having seen an interview with Parker earlier this week discussing her role, I was disappointed at how subdued and boring she was. I was concerned that she would have the same level of aloofness as Lindsay, but she wasn’t at all. She was incredibly on point and hilarious, so I hope she reprises her role in the future. Also, how great was her trash fight with Leslie?

Ron living in fear of his birthday celebration was hilarious. We’ve seen Ron go through a lot of emotions on this show. Love, happiness, but mostly sullen apathy for his job. There is one thing we’ve never seen though, and that’s debilitating fear. Seeing Ron unshaven, with red eyes and a hoarse voice, was a great change for his character. It was also great to hear all of the things that April was fake-planning for his birthday, but it was a great payoff to see what Leslie actually had planned. I wonder how she got a Mulligans steak?

This was another great episode from what is turning out to be one of the most consistent comedies on TV right now. All of the great characters in this show really do work together so well, so here’s hoping this show stays on for years to come!

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Favorite Quotes:

Ron: (On birthdays) Plus the whole thing is a scam. Birthdays were invented by Hallmark to sell cards.

Tom: You can take this resume and shove it in your HR department!
Andy: Haha yeah, shove it there!


Leslie: (Impersonating Lindsay) Nor I her! I doth proclaim thee to be a stupid fartface!