NIKITA “Betrayals” Review

Nikita (CW) - Betrayals

NIKITA ” Betrayals” Season 1 Episode 21 – In a word, “wow!” I don’t know what to believe anymore. Everything has been turned upside down!! Tonight’s NIKITA moved swiftly and smoothly between scenes, and had an action-packed mix of drama and suspense. This episode even managed to put in some humor. Most importantly, each actor in “Betrayals” is impressively on top of their game.

Black box #3 is a trojan horse. Watch out!

Prophecy 1: Everything is about to change; get ready for a power shift. Percy is full of surprises and playing evil mind tricks. He completely takes a page from Amanda’s playbook. He started to suspect Michael when Michael agreed to back Operation Sparrow. He knew that Alex and Michael were working with Nikita, and that Alex is Alexandra Udinov. He was controlling the outcome of the mission in “Glass Houses.” He wanted the black box to go to the CIA. All this and I had no idea! Were there clues that I missed? Now thanks to Michael, Percy can carry out what he wanted to all along. What does he want to do – kill Nikita? Is Operation Sparrow really only a surgical strike?

It’s good to see Xander Berkeley have a bigger part than usual. Thus far, not much time has been spent on developing the character of Percy, and he has just annoyed me more than anything as a power-hungry villain.

Amanda is unhappy that she doesn’t know everything that is going on. It is odd to see Amanda’s strong, sadistic personality put on the back burner. It makes her almost boring.

Prophecy 2: The more innocuous something seems, the more dangerous it is. Nikita is not exactly who she seems to be. Nikita killed Nikolai Udinov?! Her chase after the black boxes is for selfish reasons – to save herself and Michael? Their lives are in the boxes. This is so true; and I hadn’t fully considered it from this perspective before.

Good ‘ol Ryan comes to Nikita’s aid. Did anyone see disappointment in his eyes when Nikita said she had someone to live for in her life?

Prophecy 3: Pawn becomes queen by crossing to the other side – choose to die or live. Alex is a confused girl with a bomb in her brain. She shoots Nikita? Percy plants seeds in Alex’s head, saying she is just following Nikita’s purpose and agenda. With the kill switch and all the negative thoughts, her mind is surely about to blow up. Alex questions things that Nikita told her, especially when Percy asks how she can justify what Nikita does.

Was Percy truly “following orders,” which would make the killing of Alex’s father an inside job, not Division’s doing?

Birkhoff suffers cabin fever – another piece in Percy’s plan. If the plan actually was to kill anyone with the ability to decipher the black boxes, wouldn’t Percy kill Birkhoff too in the end?

Prophecy 4: Never trust your right-hand man. Michael is having a very bad day, but has a great “what have I done” expression.

Malcolm Mitchell’s line, “I’ve never been offline so long,” to explain his feeling of unease amused me. Nikita’s phone call to Ryan using the disguised voice was also funny, especially when she hangs up.

I can’t wait for the season finale!

Did you like episode 21 “Betrayals” of Nikita as much as I did? What did you think of it? Comment below.