Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon Swings into Spiderman Musical-Inspired LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT

The Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark musical really can’t catch a break. Now it has to go up against Goren and Eames when Cynthia Nixon guest stars on LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT.

Nixon will play the Julie Taymor-based Amanda Reese, director of the Broadway show Icarus, which is beset by all sorts of problems. Tense on a good day, the larger- than-life Reese loses it when one of her actors is killed during a stunt gone wrong and sabotage is suspected.

Nixon, best known for playing Sex and the City‘s Miranda, has had good luck in the Law & Order world before. She won an Emmy for her 2007 portrayal of a woman with multiple personalities in the “Alternate” episode of SVU.

Do you think Spiderman‘s woes will make a good Criminal Intent episode or are you sick of hearing about the musical?

Law & Order: Criminal Intent airs on USA Sundays at 9pm eastern/8 central.