THE EVENT “Us or Them” Review

THE EVENT "Us or Them"

THE EVENT “Us or Them” Season 1 Episode 19 – Martinez is still fighting for his life this week, necessitating the swearing in of Jarvis as Acting President. He seems to think he’s hit the jackpot – up until Sterling provides proof that the President’s stroke was unnatural and Sophia calls to make demands that will reflect badly on Jarvis once word gets out.

When Simon Lee beats up one of her right hand men, Sophia orders his death. The responsibility falls to Michael, but Leila changes his mind about the situation. Michael helps Simon escape instead – he even gets a substance sample/antidote to help the president too – before being killed by Sophia’s people himself.

In their quest to track down and stop the Spanish flu-incubating lungs, Sean and Vicky board a plane and play a mile high version of Guess Who?. Given that their only suspect, the world’s worst drug smuggler, is found to be harmless, their only other option is to email one of Vicky’s old CIA contacts and inform them of the situation. A military escort is sent to guide the plane home, but Sophia has Jarvis terminate this, leaving Sean and Vicky to track down the lungs themselves.

They do, but the courier ‘Alex’ gets away while Vicky hesitates to shoot her in order to protect Sean.

How many bad decisions is Sophia going to make? Having Jarvis call off the plane’s military escort is going to be highly suspicious. How will he possibly explain that away? Shouldn’t Sophia be aiming to keep Jarvis in place as President to do her bidding, not sabotaging him right off the bat? And why did she choose a method of assassination for Martinez that is so highly suspect? The doctors treating him looked extremely baffled at one point by his lack of cerebrospinal fluid. Wouldn’t something that caused one massive, life ending stroke have been much more efficient and less suspicious?

Leila changed Michael’s mind about killing Simon by busting out the ‘when I was a kid, my friends killed a bird and my dad said’ trope. (Really, go look at any drama series you’ve watched in the past. I promise you that it contained at least one variation on this story. Apparently kids are sadistic and parents are wise universally – up until the tables turn twenty years later.) I suppose this means she was useful this week – but I still don’t see why the character is needed. In my opinion it would have been much more powerful if Simon had convinced Michael to spare his life and help the president.

I liked Sean and Vicky a lot this week, but that may be because I have a soft spot a mile wide for them. Vicky crushes on Sean like a five year old boy crushes on the little girl with pigtails in the playground – it’s honestly a wonder she isn’t pulling his hair. But it’s all a bit worrying. It hasn’t been long since Leila; will Sean even feel the same way? If not, will Vicky still stick around? If she does, will she continue to be a help to him, or will her feelings become a hindrance?

The biggest issue with their plotline this week was how obvious it was. The name ‘Alex’ was obviously unisex and the air stewardess was focused on so much that the identity of the courier was pretty much handed to us on a plate. Another suspect or two on the plane may have helped cover that up a bit.

In summary: an enjoyable episode, even if some of the characters really need to evaluate their priorities and methods. We’re only a couple episodes away from the end of season 1 now. What would you like to see happen before the finale?

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  • Zambarossa

    Worst episode so far. Nothing changed between its start and end. Everything seemed like just fluff to fill an episode. 15 minutes of trying to escape only to get caught, and another 20 minutes of trying to catch the WMD only to fail. By the way, how can the spanish flu kill so fast! How can it even be used to kill 2 billion! It only killed 5% of those infected in the early 20th century and supposedly CDC has a vaccine that prevents it!
    Is the show getting worse by the episode, or is it just me? I had more hopes but they are subsiding.

    • Anonymous

      Apparently this is some sort of mutated/more virulent strain. I’m sort of glossing over the virus side of things – I really enjoy the show if I ignore how ridiculous using the Spanish Flu is.

      (Let’s be honest – if this strain could kill so quickly, how would the knowledge of its existence have gotten out of Siberia? It seems unlikely.)