GLEE “Rumours” Review

GLEE “Rumours” Season 2 Episode 19Glee has previously taken inspiration from artists like Madonna and Britney Spears, but tonight’s Fleetwood Mac inspired episode was their first to focus on just one particular album. All of the songs in this episode were from Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 album “Rumours.” And, thanks to Sue reviving the school newspaper, actual rumors were flying at McKinley too.

Guest star Kristin Chenoweth returned as our favorite boozy blonde, April Rhodes, and tried to convince Mr. Schue to join her in “Crossrhodes: The April Rhodes Story.” I love Kristin Chenoweth so much—she should be on the show every week, as far as I’m concerned. April’s return to Lima was the brainchild of Terri and David Bowie Ann Coulter Sue Sylvester. Even Emma encouraged Will to go to perform on Broadway, but he, of course, couldn’t leave New Directions. Although, at the very end (during “Don’t Stop”) Will seemed to be deep in thought. Hmm…

Due to Sue’s manipulations, the Glee kids took their usual amount of drama and dialed it up to 10. Brittany and Artie, Brittany and Santana, Quinn-Finn-Rachel—so much couple drama. I’m not loving this jealous person that Quinn has become this season. I also thought it was hard to watch Artie be uncharacteristically mean to Brittany. But I can’t hate on any episode that gives us Fondue For Two and Lord Tubbington (“he’s allowed to eat cheese because he’s on Atkins”). There was also a funny nod to fans with the mention of all the couple names: Finchel, Puckleberry, Tina Cohen Chang-Chang, Artittany, and Pizes.

Don’t you love Sam more after this episode? We didn’t know much about Sam before this, so it was great for him to get such an emotional storyline. They were obviously trying to pull at our heartstrings by having his little sister hug him and say, “Don’t cry Sammy.” Well, Glee, it totally worked. Sniffle.

So the “Rumours” songs they covered tonight were:
“Dreams” – I love when Will and April sing together, so this was probably my favorite song of the night.
“Never Going Back Again” – I love how Puck, Sam, and Finn just randomly showed up with guitars.
“Songbird” – Santana beautifully sang this song to Brittany. Very touching.
“I Don’t Want You to Know” – I can’t believe this duet by Finn and Quinn was their first on the show.
“Go Your Own Way” – Rachel’s rendition of this song was fantastic.
“Don’t Stop” – Watching New Directions cheer up Sam made me happy.

So what did you think of the “Rumours” episode of Glee? Did you like how they focused on just one album? Which album would you like them to cover next? What did you think of all the couple drama? Let me know in the comments.

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