MAKE IT OR BREAK IT “Requiem for a Dream” Review

Make It or Break It (ABC Family) - Requiem for a Dream

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT “Requiem for a Dream” Season 2 Episode 16 – MAKE IT OR BREAK IT presents an abridged version of the tough choices and hard decisions facing a pregnant teen, though I was strongly hoping that Emily’s pregnancy would end up being a false positive. From anorexia to teen pregnancy, ABC Family continues to churn out the public service announcements, giving a cursory glance at the topics. I’m not against addressing important issues, but I prefer to see more interaction between all the characters and less internalized personal angst. The appeal of Make It or Break It‘s first season was because the show didn’t take itself too seriously, with its soap opera style drama. We were introduced to Emily, Payson, Lauren and Kaylie, and came to enjoy watching them because of their individual personalities and seeing them work together, struggle together, and fight with each other. So far this season the characters are no more complex than they were in the first. Without any kind of character development, the girls are pushed further into what were already stereotyped roles. Emily is still the down-on-the-luck, poor kid with the “my way or no way” attitude. Payson is still all about gymnastics 24-7. Lauren is still yelling bloody murder about everything and at everyone. Kaylie has grown the most as a character, but has been in a separate story line from the other girls.

So, it is good to see tonight’s episode “Requiem for a Dream,” starting to bring the team back together and re-dedicating themselves to their Olympics dream. This also should mean that they will actually be spending more time with one another.

Emily’s issue: lack of confidence. Emily’s pregnancy magnifies the girls’ insecurities and distinguishes the various perspectives of those around them.

Kaylie’s issue: fear of rejection for who she is. Kaylie is deemed healthy enough to go back to training, and is all about integrity and telling the truth. Were Damon and Kaylie really “clicking” when they were kissing, or were they just caught in the moment?

Lauren’s issue: need for unconditional love. Lauren and her dad trade jabs about Sasha and how his return affects them. Then they turn cheesy with Lauren’s Beyonce reference: “If you liked it, you should put a ring on it…bigger and better than last time,” and with their marriage proposal to Summer. She said yes!

Lauren nervously works with Sasha on her case of the “twisties.” His sincerity gives her a major guilt trip, and she sends the full version of the Payson/Sasha DVD. When will Lauren tell Sasha the truth?

Sasha is the new coach of the U.S. Olympics Team! He is completely there for the girls; believes in them; and wants better for them. Will they be there for him?

Payson’s issue: a fear of desertion by the other girls. Payson gets over her anger at Emily for getting pregnant.

Before the whole team is united again, Emily has to decide what to do about her pregnancy, Damon, and her reinstated position on the U.S. World Team. I’m glad writers didn’t have Payson, Kaylie, Lauren go after Emily. The important point here is that the decision is only Emily’s to make, despite what the girls, Sasha, Marcus/NGO, her mother may want or why they want it.

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